my HOPE finally came true
Monday, January 2, 2012 | 12:11:00 AM | 0 comments
A delayed post thanks to streamyx.this should be posted on second or third day of January and now? #fml

My hope finally came true,like wtf!
I've always wanted to change a blogskin(although wasnt designed by me) for effin long and AT LAST!!
if you have,out of a sudden, seen this post before then for your information I have desired to change a blogskin ever since I started blogging o.0

T_T thanks to my Dearie Jasmine for teaching me.really,god bless you.and by the way in that post i did mentioned I need someone's help to change my blogskin.AND in that post I meant for that someone can like grab my password,get access to my blog and do it for me.except for this time I did it myself and i'm so proud ^.^ LOL

Ok.let's see what craps I have in this blog.
Pink is the main color I'd chosen.but actually it's not me who chose d babi color.OPSS SORRY SHOULD BE BARBIE.it came in the way that it is pink!
I didin't bother to change the main color then cause I think it blends in perfectly with other pink series too.and I'm also lazy to change lar btw -.-

Basically the header photo(i dont know what is that called,but i'll name it my way) is a..webcam photo,taken in my house,a picture i copy paste from my facebook and its captured for long time ago.Wait,one on Dec 2010 and the other is April 2011.
Hmm,I think I should get more webcam photos instead.

AND OH YA! before I forget, please place your mouse on the photos to get a clearer view and please please follow me on the top left.I promise to do good deeds to the society and eat less wtf

Then it'll be The Boss photo.nothing much loh.just a peace photo taken last minute specially for this blog -.-
by the way, pictures may change from time to time cause most of the pictures are taken long time ago so yeah,do visit my blog  ._. ._.

and then the About part,obviously the picture is photoshopped,in a effin ciplak way.and its also the latest picture heh ;)
Ok,nvm. sooner or later Ima be pro like Xiaxue then. muahahahhahaha

and Peepos,please leave me a message at the chatbox if you want me to link you cause as you can see my Darlinks is blank now. I'll update it occasionally..so please leave your message! =)

I think no more dy la right..? Oh ya! MY CURSOR. cute isn't it? lol but the only thing about this cursor is that you need to point on a particular navigation slightly lower than the one you can see.

I dont know if you can really understand this. its the cursor error or Idk. I pointed on 'Darlinks' but seems like 'About' got chosen instead.Idk lol I really DK!

I did this on 2 Jan 2012 and I regretted for not blogging on the first day of 2012.Nvm then,who cares. 
but I did went out la with Dearie Jasmine and went to Mr Andrew's house for countdown with other friends.

EHEM. then I think this is it.Do follow me here and twitter.and next Imma try creating my own blogskin 


doubting if i should change the background..

Sign Off
Erica Bong


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