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Totally pissed when the girl who took a U-turn from the front said we're on the wrong route.
I WAS LIKE WTF? I thought teacher said this is P1's route. Like seriously, I should have followed the girl ahead me.my pissed-off feeling totally increased when i saw many other P1 runners reaching school.Kns.like what he said, SOMETIMES BEING A GOOD STUDENT MAY FAIL YOU.so be a bad student instead,the rebellious kind one.

From No.10 okay.EFFIN 10. because of that old,short wavy curl hair,long-sighted,short and plum teacher, I GOT NO.23.lucky i am just rational enough to not bloody hunt for that teacher and actually chop her into pieces.I'd even told her off actually when i was U-turning.like c'mon, when i asked her if P1 should go straight or make a turn,she'd actually double checked on that paper,looking serious and answered 'GO STRAIGHT'.damn totally speechless.i think you should really go get a new specs with a higher eye power coz you're obviously getting older now. zzz
Im sure alot of them went like 'O.o' when I'd actually gone crazy just now.Sorry and thank you to those who have sacrificed their arms for me,if not i'll really commit suicide for being over-pissed.

apart from that, im feeling proud of myself. for the first time ever,in my life, i nearly get the 'cheapskate medal' for this cross country thingy.and i was wrong to said it is a cheapskate medal cause it turned out quite heavy thou.it's a real one i guess,made of bronze?brass?steel? or even alloy?
Whatever it is, my cool random heart and brain told me,congrats coz you have actually manage to run till top10,although i didint get to win,at least I did tried my best and exercise-d.


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