Chilley Dawn
Thursday, February 23, 2012 | 2:50:00 PM | 0 comments
It's 5.30am when I woke up, i heard the sound of the crying sky and didint know what to do.for the first time.

IT'S OUR SCHOOL'S CROSS COUNTRY TODAY! SKY,why you so emo these few days?
Im writing this at 6.35am,at which i was suppose to be at school already and yet I'm still lazily sitting on my couch and pretended as if the rain is not going to stop.Dont know if i should head to school later cause Im afraid Ima do something offensive if the teachers said MERENTAS DESA DIBATALKAN later.then you'll see my face everywhere, on the newpapers -.-
I've once written a post about school and i did mention i hate alot of stuffs about school,and that includes cross country.but this time Im not quite sure if im sick or my brain nerves went haywire or i've mental disorders,I am actually looking forward to this event.not because of their cheapskate medal thou,im just not competitive enough and I have never even once in my life thought i would have at least win back one of the medals. So i aimed to EXERCISE and lose more weight by just running on a duno how many km run.
So wish me good luck in losing more weight la k.and btw, still not quite sure if im going to school or not. #sesat

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