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You know,when we're in high school we always complain weekdays past so slow weekends past like meteors.
When we're in high school we always said 'walao,spm please come faster..i want freedom' then when spm is just around the corner we'll like 'WAPIANG,SPM WHY YOU SO FAST REACH WAN?!' when actually it's us who's approaching spm and not the other way round.

When we leave high school,we look for jobs,we complain again. 'die la..why salary so low and working hour so long???!!!!! LIFE'S UNFAIR!' when we're only with PMR qualification.
When finally we found a job 'yess!!! finally I found a ass job with low pay,kns.but better than being penniless la' and often do we say 'TIME,I BEG YOU PLEASE FLY' when what we did was just sitting and slacking around the workplace.

Ok.That's life la right. we're human,what do you expect? we can NEVER satisfy a human

and now that we're with our SPM cert,looking for a better tertiary studies 'haih,which college to enroll? looks all the same but fees in every institutes makes me feel as though they are the demon surgeons in the city.'

Form 6. Hmm,life's never that tough like what everyone claimed it to be.
or rather worse.
I swear. i hate school activities.
From sports day to merentas desa to co-curricular activities to R&D meeting to carnivals and so on.
you name it, i hate it.

I liked Form6.partly because I can see some of my peers complaining 'haih,i miss the good old days. when we can slack at school and kua sui ge(look for chicks). I MISS SCHOOL'. dafuq
and then my status will be like 'IMA NEVER GET USED TO WAKING UP EARLY FOREVER'

So apparently Form6 has got its new name which is AS and AK respectively.So now instead of UB6 ima need to pronounce my class as 6AK6 which makes it sound so effin long.whyyyyyyyyyy?
I've got my new MUET teacher and she's great! both are great I mean cause im worried if my class will have 'AngelaBaby' as our teacher lol
and the awesomestessttt thing is that school located my class at ground floor and I think right,the reason behind this is mainly because of my educators #lolswtshhhhh and then my homework is trying its best to be the tallest mountain in the city dafuqqq.and not to forget about tuition,which I HATE THE MOST in school life,I swear. www.ieffinhatetuition.com
This is what I called-the typical Form6-er's life.

And now with co-curricular and R&D meeting after school

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