Your Angel Bazaar
Thursday, December 22, 2011 | 6:12:00 AM | 0 comments
I bet you guys went like 'O.O!!!' when I said i photoshopped the pictures here.

but TOO BAD cause I'd mostly photoshopped only the brightness,exposure,the curves and etc etc.
i got you!
but if you can notice any other differences,then you're pro la.Coz i aint gonna post up the BEFORE/AFTER photos.

I thought it'll be quite dumb to like,only blog about an event AFTER the event ended.
Nevertheless,still I'm writing this just so i can keep my blog updated o.0

AND SO last weekend was the first fashion bazaar ever held in Klang. DearieJas was a vendor in that event for both saturday and sunday,so i went over to help.

lou ban leong...

i've got no fashion sense at all so I just chunk up all I think that is suitable for the day
and thanks to the stupid bangs it covered almost all of my eyes.wteff

dont stare at the pictures!photoshopped pictures arent up yet!!

ok la.I have to admit that it's a bit boring there cause not many came for the event. Thanks to the ALONGloanshark[s](from what i heard from other human), they eventually brought down those banners and buntings hung along the streets and replaced it with THEIR advertisements.I was like 'WTEFF' and thought no wonder I'd never seen even ONE bunting around Klang. -.-

you can tell its already Day 2 by just looking at my effin naked face

...or by my senseless fashion of the day.

 the masks was the on sale pieces.but too bad the crowds led to these.(pics at the top)

Only god knows how much i effin hate my PAO face.like seriously, how can my face GROW THAT BIG?! but still I need to thank the bangs for covering my eyes although it looks awful too.

thanks obomo. #foreveralone

Sign Off
Erica Bong

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