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ok.i know im some sort of exaggerating it but IT IS damn cool cause i didint know a simple Windows can do all these things!

Just yesterday, i seek for help from my junior to download photoshop.
Maybe this means nothing to you but to me it is. I've been wanting photoshop for like..years! and i thought that maybe imma need to fork out my money to maybe buy a CD for installation or something?

Ok,cut cut. Then,my junior asked me to download a file from a link he gave me.
Apparently,I just need 30minutes of my life to download it.WHAT CAN BE COOLER THAN THAT?!
of course there is.
After 30minutes of waiting and the WinRar folder pop out,I asked for my juniors help again on how to install things and stuff.
Damn, lucky he's a patient one and he's willing to bear with my stupidness on all these software thingy.

I know im stupid and chances of clicking on a wrong folder and download a wrong stuff is like 99.9% , so i asked if he wants me to take a picture of where am I now. As in,which file am i downloading now and stuff.

And he was like, 'ermm do you mind if i view your dekstop? If no,then try this http://join.me/ .'
then i was like, 'har?? you view my dekstop? hahaha. I dont mind'
cause I thought 'mehh,I dont think you can do this'

I took only around 3 minutes to download that cool thingy and gave him the code he needed AND THAT'S IT!
It's like, he can easily see through what I have on my dekstop,what folder I'd opened or what web had I entered.
Imagine if I'd opened some adult website

and took over doesn't only mean he can indirectly sees my dekstop from his dekstop, he can also use his mouse to control my mouse.you know? the one u use to hover around and click into folders? lol i aint kidding.

And so i guess he knows no matter how he teach or show me,i wouldn't have get the point. So he simply just click on the folders for me by using his mouse in his house. lol and you'll be sitting there lifting one side of your eye high up,thinking 'why is my mouse moving even i dont touch it'

This is like...so cool and thanks to YouJian Low I've already got my PHOTOSHOP CS5!

gonna start photoshop-ing now

Sign Off
Erica Bong


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