..November Recap
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19-22 Nov- Grannie's Hommie

can hardly remember when was the last time I've been there.i think it was during 2011 chinese new year?
by the way,you couldnt blame me cause it is a 4 hours journey towards the north man!!wtf right. sit till my ass aches but the best thing about sitting on a long journey ride is that we can see beautiful greeneries along the road,range of mountains and cool speedy cars speed right beside you.oh no,your car i mean.

So of course i went back with some missions to accomplish.cannot waste that 4hours journey back and forth!! first was the visit their night as well as morning market.I love it there because its just a walking distance and the markets sells loads of fooooods!!yummmm! no pictures for the food lar cause I dont have a pro camera with me.wait till I buy a pro camera then my blog will become a food blog!..or a lifestyle blog!muahahaha

by the time we reach there,the time showed 10.30pm.FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. lol, nvm..not night market but at least i've done something new along the journey! my first time driving along a highway!!!!oh le le oh la la~~
Momma said she felt sleepy and she wants to stop at the rest area.and so the brave me volunteered to drive.I LOVE YOU MOM!! she convinced herself I can drive so I drove for about 30mins.and along that 30mins she didint even close her eyes -.-'' I guess you all know why right swt
Oh well,driving on a highway is easy as abc

the next day was a boring day. momma didint bring me to town so for the whole day im so stucked up.
from this place I can see...


..but believe me even though all you can see here is just a small river but dont judge the book by its cover.

aunt said crickets is good for making soup!! #yumbutidoubtthat

meet mickey. he is a obedient dog and sometimes a coward one.
n o o b - . -

if only this is a pro camera.

do i look weird in these pictures? THAT'S BECAUSE I STRAIGHTENED MY HAIR for the second time of my entire life.and guess how much it costs for my length.heheh.you will die of shock when you know about this ridiculous pricing at a kampung. 

aww.cutee kan?? only this is fyi
i like the astonishing pink!!

..and he/she's statue pals.

the following day is alot better cause at last momma's heading to town! went to Taiping Central with cousin.
many said we both look alike.but i dont think so

McD's for lunch. their chilli is far more spicy then the ones in Klang it actually burnt my tongue.

oh mickey
you're so fine
you're so fine
you blow my mind
hey mickey!

me went back on 4th day cause the next day i have class for accounts and maths. 3hours and 4hours respectively wtff.
It was also my first time to take a bus back to Klang on my own!! bwahaa. excitement@@


27 Nov -Gagwriter?
i surf the net and it says 'gagwriter'. I dont know if this means a comic writer but im pretty sure it is cause thefreedictionary.com is of course way more intelligent than I am
i remember seeing some of these as the emoticons of MSN.

this is me.
Apparently, there's a meet and greet session with this gagwriter at the Mines Exhibition Hall. Honestly speaking, I get to know this lady by her supporting role in you are the apple of my eyes movie.not by her comic omaigod.shameonyoubong.
noobie jio me so i tag along with her parents and 2 sisters


she loves this cause its blurred.

meet Wan Wan.the one im holding o.0

I'm completely trolled when i reach there. apparently its a chinese bookfest,which is why Im asking myself why am i there -.-
I CANT EVEN READ A DOZEN WORDS from a chinese newspaper and yet im there.
Chinese Bookfest,which means the probability of me getting to bump on a english book is like 1/1000000000000?
luckily there is like,2 rows of english book there out of one whole effin huge hall? fml man.

light lunch on the floor

getting ready to meet the gagwriter!
front row okehh.

she wasnt suppose to appear in this pic.laols.

meet Miao Mi,the sticky board!

more and more of her merchandise!


the red man is also a hilarious malaysian gagwriter. he writes PinDan comics.
google up if you dont know.kthxbai

she's lovelyyy <3 <3 =D

apparently the host ask both of them to sketch a comic showing how they feel about each other and the crowds
Wan Wan's sketch!

PinDan gagger's sketch!

and then its the moment where people start to queue up for SIGNATURES!!

sketching more sketches! it rhymes..heheh ;)

fake hardcore fans

yong tau fu before heading home!


29 Nov -Mid Valley
been to MidValley thrice only even though im staying at Klang Valley.#shameonyouagainbong.

Its boyfie's off day 3 days in a row so we went to KL for a walk with his friend,Mr Teng.
Mr Teng is not a good guy to me,but because he can help us to get lunch waiver from The Gardens,so we tagged him along.lols

all time favourite stick!

The Gardens,Mid Valley

I remembered I once dine The Gardens before with Miss Carmen and Miss Noobie at the Sunway Pyramid branch and the food taste hellly horrible. When Mr Teng said he wants to bring me and boyfie to his ex-workplace,which happens to be The Gardens,i was like 'what the hell? no i dont want to waste my cash for the fooooood!'. but since he's soooo kind enough to help the boyfie with his keyboard,being our full-time GPS to KL and he's able to get the lunch waiver for us,so the kind me accepted his invite

I ordered Spaghetti Carbonara and boyfie ordered Chicken Teriyaki. oh man their chicken teriyaki tastes fabulously delicious.although the boyfie claims the deliciousness comes from the purchased sauce and not from the chicken..I dont care if the taste comes from the sauce or the chicken,or the fork and spoon,or the chef's fingers wtf it still tastes good! *everyday im shufflin*

Hazelnut blablabla. Mr Teng's recommendation

<3 >.<

after that we walked around the mall,bought a SEED's dress and he bought a top from Romp.
He bought a scoop of Baskin Robbin's coconut flavour which is a big no-no for me for a ice-cream..but he said he liked it.I dont know 0.o

The Gardens is just beside MidValley so went there also just to buy Chatime and HotnRoll.then to Inti Subang to eat Tutti Frutti then to Klang

Bo liao.that's it for my november recapitulate.

Sign Off
Erica Bong

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