November Recap
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OH HEM GEE It's December now!! *wears on christmas hat, turn on Oh Carol! and dance*
Cant wait Cant wait cause I might cross over the sea to Spore for New Year!! =))

Here's some of the recaps that I havent got the time or chance or whatever you might assume,to blog ::

                                                                                              * * *
2 Nov - Sunway Pyramid 

It's boyfie's off day so he decided to return to Cilantro to get his certs for his recent job.Of course we made the U-turn to Pyramid,wouldn't waste our energy and petrol just to get his certs *evilll*



long face,high forehead and WRINKLESS!! omg omgosh!


let me know if you think I look ugly without spectacles ._.

sleepy head!
had Popeyes since we have not tried it before.
Like before, their fries is still finger lickin goood! 


o.0 look




he is not a P driver anymore for god's sake! -.-
Miss Chatime and Kebab is me! smileeee


Mua Aibraos

I call my momma pluck out the ugly ones,left the beautiful bushy ones on mua face.Its like my eyelashes, but I would prefer to pluck the aibraos more than my eyelashes,cause mine is long and concentrated . LAOLSS




No idea why but I've got that sudden interest in beautifying my eyebrows.Perhaps it's some kind of a influence from reading those blogger's tutorial 0.o I think there's no big difference before and after,or there is?






What do you think?
Man, damn its pain in the ass when momma gradually pluck my eyebrows.I thought I was about to cry during the process.I even tried pinching my momma whenever I felt the pain as if I was poked by a needle. *mindfuck
Whatever it is, I think its worth it cause at last the side brows has been eliminated and that it actually made my appearance look even better?

cousins is love. they are our bestfriend during our lollipop years.
their baobeis. cute maxx!!

Cousins came down all the way from Taiping to KL for a public holiday trip with their eldest son,JJ.
And so since we're from Klang,only 1hours away from the city as compared to the 4hours journey from Taiping,i think I and my sister's sacrifice to use a train to transport us to Mid Valley is nothing at all ;)
aww.my niece and nephews! cute righttt??

hiding under the garments but we can still see you ^.^ ^.^ ^.^

teatime at Starbucks.no gossiping without other aunts around.
By the way, my first aunt is the one sitting first from right!

cutie pie always refuses to look at the cam,always! lol



I love it when its the time for us,cousins to hang around. Ever since we've grown up,pursue studies in different institutes,working through the hard times and so on,we do not have more or even sufficient time to hang around.
Really looking forward to our next meet up. Loves

I dont care if i look ugly cause i know everyone encountered the same situation before when its other people who captured the picture for us. Its just the bravery to post out that matters,COWARD! xD


Drink-Tea session is LIFE

nothing much about this.just some pictures I want to share out.lols

went out till near midnight with Mr Seng and Miss Noobie.
Mr Seng had a lot to talk about.his college life.
damn his life can be described in 3 words
0 photos taken with Seng and Noobie.so if you feel irritated seeing my face,you might as well quickly scroll to the bottom or click the X straight away.




edited via Ipad apps.not bad ehh -.-

a picture from Mr Seng's iphone @ Espress Cafe

Woooh!feeling tired already.been blogging from 8+ just now till now 1am. i know wtf right.
there are still 1 or 2 or...3 more posts left so imma leave it for tomorrow!

**to be continued...**
mind dropping me a comment here or thru chatbox on the left?

Sign Off
Erica Bong

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