If i were a millionaire's daugher....
Sunday, December 4, 2011 | 4:17:00 AM | 0 comments
If I were a fisherman's daughter
If i were to marry
I would marry a fisherman's son
More than anybody...
does this sounds familiar to you?no?

So he can hook
And I can hook
....erhh,paiseh i forgot the lyrics already.but it definitely sounds something like this.
I learnt this from Miss WeiQian during PBSM meeting in school and it's some kind of a yellow song. ifyouknowwhatimean.

and so I recompose it to
If i were a millionaire's daughter
If i were to marry
I would marry Travie McCoy
More than anybody.wtf laols

no.im not a greedy person.i'll let Travie to be the billionaire. ;)
being a millionaire is more than just enough to fulfill and accomplish alll of my wishlist #dreamingaway

I have this thought that..if only I can make bags of cashes,I would be happy.but of course we couldnt compare health with wealth. but humans will not satisfied until their doomsday. day by day they are becoming more demanding and wishing for something that is out of their reach and limitations.
OK lar,i am one of them.

one day i asked my momma
me :: momma,why is it that you and daddy have obvious double eyelids whereas I dont get it? I thought this should be inherited too
momma :: at least you werent blind.

Yea,i totally agreed with momma so i kept quiet. but whenever i take pictures,i can see there is imperfection somewhere on my face.and yea its around my eyes T_T

sad case right.

so whenever this childish thought of mine comes to mind, I'll thank god for making me a semi-perfect human.
a normal human with 2 visible eyes,nose,mouth,ears,a pair of legs and arms.#positivethinking

But still,if there's any chance in future..I would wanna refacialize  
-my super thick eyelids
-cut the outer parts of my eye.uhhhh,i dont know how to explain this o.0 just cut la
-insert some eyebags!i realize without eyebags you will not look gorgeous too wtf so dont get jealous of others without eyebags!!! #holdsknifeandaimyou
-LASER! i want to do laser on my eyes cause i scared i cannot wear contact lens already :( I dont wanna just wear an eye corrector for the rest of my lifee.I want something new heh
out of topic
-and if there is any way i could do liposuction,im all ready. 

If i were a millionaire's daughter.......*walks off sobbing* :'(

all of the above are just some of my random thoughts. of course if i have the money i will somehow just spend on luxurious accessories and gadgets FIRST la right ;) lalalalalalalalalala

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                                                                  Erica Bong

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