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Friday, November 4, 2011 | 7:32:00 AM | 0 comments
My biggest achievement in becoming a prefect!

There was this rebellious Form3 girl who actually confessed that she missed me!
The Girl :: eh kak,you dah tak jaga kantin ke? rindulah kat awak
Me :: oh ye ke? haha
For your information,this girl is a very bullheaded girl. She is the one who will give you that bulldog face whenever you attempt to approach her. Im so thankful when she said that!!

Another scene during assembly....
Me :: Eh? kenapa datang lagi sekolah?
The Boy :: Sengajalah nak datang nak bagi you marah aku kat kantin
Me :: (walks off with a smiling face)
He is a Form3 boy who have just ened his examination,and so he is entitled to play truant. He is another rebellious boy who can verbally abuse you if ever you offend him

And there's more
The Girl :: eh kak,semalam tak jumpa aku you rindu kan kat aku?
Me :: haha,ye lah tu
The Girl :: alahhh, aku pun rindulah kat awak

Well what can I say.. I feel so grateful cause they actually miss me..although at times they are really rude to me. but the keyword to build a relationship is to SMILE.

see how sweet is it? =)

If ever they ignore you,offend you,or even if they fool you.. treat them as your friends. SMILE to them as if you're playing with them too. Being a prefect doesn't mean we have to look serious all the time right? ;)

p/s :: told ya the Form3s are way better than that 2 BOYS FROM THAT PARTICULAR CLASS!

                                                                              Sign Off
                                                                            Erica Bong

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