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Well,If you're my friend on facebook,you'll probably know that Im up to practising yoga recently.
And no,I do not yoga because of HEALTH lol 

-Article from The Star Newspaper- [click picture to enlarge]
salute this folk. 64 years and wallah!..challenging the bats

I just hope I have the motivation to exercise yoga everyday,sigh. I read this article but then I forgot what is it talking about already o.o LOL

By the way, I skipped doing yoga for like...3days already? wtf.



-Article from The Star Newspaper- [click picture to enlarge]

'To me,other exercises are a bit boring as they are usually repetitive but aerobic is different as it combines various dance steps with upbeat music',says Aunty Anonymous.

Other exercises are a bit boring........OMG aunty! I salute you for the confession in the article lah!..but you've made a wrong statement there.
It is not a bit but VERY. -.-

.....combines with various dance steps with upbeat music...which is why i like aerobics too! 
Maybe if i learn dancing,i can come up to a aerobic style where there is a combination of the hip hop or popping choreography together with the Jacky Chan's drunken kung fu style?..and blend in some sexy and I know it's creativity?

Sign Off
Erica Bong

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