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After having our dinner and a short walk @ AEON, Noobie suggested to go for a round of  night tea session.
Yes,only us 2.

we went round and round and round around that area to search for a suitable cafe for us,at last we went for Espress Cafe. If Mr Andrew hadnt wave at us when we're passing by, we would surely went for The Chapter already -.-

Oh well that's not the issue i wanted to bring up in this post, although I know myself that I couldnt stand much with Miss Noobie's every reaction when Dato Lee Chong Wei failed to return the shot by Chen Long -loled-.
I'd actually parked my car beside another car.. at a motorbike's parking lot. I KNOW I FAILED MY PARKING SO MISERABLY (after the embarrassing experience when i needed a help from an Indonesian to park my car) but at least I hadnt been that dumb to knock someone's car right? or accidently scratch someone's car on my infinity tries,right RIGHT?? 

There is this bunch of LALA boys,yeah boys, not a MAN yet for their attitude. They actually laughed at me.wtf? hiiilo, I passed my JPJ Law Test and scored 49/50 kay? I also passed my driver's licence test although i failed once kay? I know you boys are laughing at the way how i parked my car (very crooked),I knew that i must not park like that, but since there is ample space even after my car is in that area so I didint care much to re-park. THINK I DONT KNOW HOW TO PARK? wait till you get your driver's licence first only laugh at me okay, LALA KIDDOS!!!!

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                                                               Erica Bong 

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