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Friday, October 21, 2011 | 7:55:00 AM | 0 comments
scared someone to nearly,almost dead.

That's *i guess* his first bad impression on me.

forgot to turn on car light, make turning decisions at the eleventh hour *ehem* ,nearly bang dividers,forgot to pull down hand brake,and the most important faulty is my failed parking skill,I'd even needed an Indonesian to park my car. how cool is that -.-

15 October -

Miss Carmen introduced her boyfren,Yohan to us on her crazy unplanned trip to Klang.by the time they reach  Klang, its time for yum-cha already. :3

BITXH DREW! .__________.

Well honestly i'd prefer Espress Cafe cause I loveee their french fries with mayo and chilli sauce,but it'll be damn boring without performers to entertain our night,as were claimed by  Mr Andrew.
After a round of table session @ Fairies Cafe,we went on a short tour around Klang,uhh to be exact its around BBT, and to Miss Carmen's house of course. ;)
OH YA, saw Mr Tidus but he acted as if he doesnt know me at all f5 f5 f55555
Drove to Shanmuga for supper later on and of course I didint attempt to get myself any meal as I know my condition........................... -.-

the awesumm me let out my living room for them for the night! heh heh
I know you guys enjoyed your night here =DD

take on a challenge to play hockey bla bla bla with him,and of course again
the awesome me lost =.=

16 October -
Slept at 5am in the morning,woke up @ 7+am the next day and doesnt feel tired at all.
IT MUST BE THE CHOCOLATE PEARL MILK TEA'S FAULT that i ordered from Fairies last night $#%#@#^@!
say hi !
she covered her whole body,including her head,excluding her legs ~.~

EPIC PICTURE!!! credits to me LOL

Cool huh? at first i didint think of taking any pictures in the morning.. but the way he sleep.. really made me ROFL LMAO!!

At 11am sharp,headed to Miss Noobie's house and then to breakfast. Had a typical-Klang-breakfast-style @ BBT 1.

No one has any plan on where to go next after breakfast, then Miss Noobie decided maybe JJ Bukit Raja can be our next destination........
However,I would like to take this opportunity to give a round of  applause to myself on my bravery to drive to Klang town LOL,without any experienced drivers or adults beside me.lucky everything went on smoothly although when there are times we almost had a heart attack o.o

lu la la lu la la lu la lu la lehh~~~

though i've never been to JJ Bukit Raja for like..years..the mall hadnt changed much
the same bored place to slack at ..


watch out!

Before I end this post
wanna take this opportunity to thank Mr Yohan for his treats..well,what to say,you're definitely a good guy! 
please take good care of our hardcore 'crier' here LOL


Sign Off
Erica Bong

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