Oh no!
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 | 7:16:00 AM | 0 comments
Alright guys. Gimme a break

First of all......... The boyfren have yet to send me those pictures,ermm,i mean pictures during my B'day and maybe others o.o So this post is smtg that is not related to that.duhhhhhh

I took my nap at 6pm today..and the best part is..i woke up at 9.30 WTF
my whole nite activity would be just taking my nap..before taking my sleeping beauty nap,I ate a Tupperware of rice..so you can actually imagine how uninteresting my life can be
After washing my face,dad said he dapao-Ed for me my dinner dy,and so there it goes again a Tupperware of rice...before and after nap. So gonna be a fatty with fats accumulated everywhere in my body T_T HELP!!

Btw,not going to school tomorrow.declared tomorrow as a holiday myself lol
And Friday is also a holiday since it's Hari Malaysia.so it's 4days holiday for me in a row ^_^

                                                                        Sign off
                                                                     Erica Bong


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