MPP 2011
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25th September

After months of preparation..finally MPP 2011 is here!!

btw,mpp stands for Majlis Perpisahan Pengawas.it was hard organizing an event,with those ehem administrators.*you know what i mean*  So yeah,am happy that its finally over and that we,the committees are finally free from the stresses and tensions faced in order to make the event successful! 
Lets not blabber much,i'll let the pictures do the talkings :)

<3 them
i sneaked in to this picture x)

ok,i purposely make that facial expression -.-

aww,they are awesome!! my form6 seniors.imma miss them much :'(

erh,can you spot me? 0.0
emcee of the day

my form4 senior which is also the emcee of the day :)
singing to Pn.Sarenjit



with the couple x.x

silly-head-prefect 2011 =D

tian-yan ! 

the cat and dog 

my girl <3 which is also the Project Manager
one of my fav kak! she is so funneyh.
btw,she called me 'Kakak Korea' and i do not know why ~.~

a part of d commitees

the handmade souvenir

see,my star can shine!!

Well,i guess that's all.I will definitely miss that day and my seniors :'( although they're strict at times, they'll act like monkeys when duty is off.lols.
And of course, we must really thank the Project Manager,Kuan May Yin, for her hardwork and sacrifices she made to ensure our seniors did really enjoy the day. i tell you she can really multitask.
hehe =)

pictures taken from | Tian-Yan,NicoleTanFeLynne,JesuRaj,KakFathin,and many more 

Sign Off
Erica Bong

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