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Dear Diary,

Lost for few weeks, Im back withh new updates <3

Last week was the first week of school,and yea..I enrolled myself at SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahiman a.k.a. STAR school for Form6. geeeeeeeeez. I couldnt wait for school to start so its a yay-yay for me :D
First 2days of school was freaking-so-boring with the orientation filled with talks, activities and so on. and the effin' weather is not behaving itself zzz damn so HAWT. till the 3rd day, which falls on a Thursday, we're finally seperated and given our respective classes that we'll be in for the rest of the 1year 6months time.

Im in PRA-UB1 ! ...stands for PRA-UNIVERSITY BAWAH 1. hehehhehe. by the way, have i told you that there are only 4 out of 100++ students are from LUMU? which is me,Miss Noobie, Miss Sharon and Miss Atiqah, and we're all in the same class! hehehe.

hmm,hmm.hmm...for your infos, there are 6 classes altogether. UB1 and UB2 for Biology class..UB3 and UB4 for Physics class..UB5 and UB6 for the Sastera class. and guess what? UB1 UB2 and UB3 are on a floating class(for THIS YEAR). which means whenever other students needs to use the lab, we were needed to shift to other places. OMFG, SCREW YOUUU!
they should build more classes from the beginning so that the form6s will have a better learning environment what. dont they know that this will affect us on our studies? LMAOO they must be kidding.

And... last saturday(yesterday), I went for Undang class already, yay! great start, thanks to Miss Noobie's dad :D and so was Miss Noobie, but we're in a different centre :)
Next week Ima go for the Undang test already. I wanna get my P licence asap!

                                                                        Sign Off
                                                                      Erica Bong


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