A Whole New MakeOver
Saturday, April 9, 2011 | 4:36:00 AM | 0 comments
Warning :: This will be a freaking freaking long post. Please leave without hesitation if you HATE reading posts filled with WORDS.

wallah, im backk yepsssssss .  

Im back with  whole loads of new new thingy.
1) New Blog Link relink me
2) New Blog Template
3) New Blog Background
4) New Blog Counter
5) New Arrangements?
6) New Pictures
and more new new new which Im not quite sure =x I'll leave it to you guys to find out yea ;)

Okay,first of all,welcome to my blog i know im repeating . I have changed my blog url to chilleyfries-b.blospot.com if you noticed. Relink me ya ;)

Next, new template? gahhhh! remind me of the BLOGSKINS. Okay, previously,i'm so damn addicted to changing my blog template into some other templates from blogskins.com.yeaa,many of them manage to change it,and i wonder how they did it :'( shame on me.At first, I dont even know how to change it at blogger.com. I mean, i dont know that we have to revert to classic templates before pasting the codes. Not until I search for tutorials on Youtube.Okay. So i finally succeeded to change my template. I THOUGHT THAT IS ALL but hell no. We have to re-edit the codes,keep on refreshing our blog to see if we edited correctly *if you know what I mean* and bla bla bla. I used my freaking 4days time to search and edit and finally I gave up.
Conclusion, Im still using the Blogger's *out-to-date* Template =)

Nextt, Advertisements. Speaking of ads,what came to your mind? ..NUFFNANG...or ... CHURP CHURP. Yea,it's probably the world's famous ads on blogger.com. and I've added nuffnang to my blog too *winks*
NUFFNANG is actually a online advertising community. They actually provide advertorial spaces for advertisers to promote their products or what-so-ever on blogs. And at the same time, we,bloggers,  earn $.$ =D *please correct me if Im wrong*
Okay, that's the basic infos you need to know of. For more infos, feel free to join Nuffnang .
I joined Churp Churp too, it is.. i guess its the same as nuffnang? =x *please correct me* I do not know how to place Churp Churp here..So Im just promoting those ads thru my Facebook Page from time to time. if you happen to see me posting Churp Churp ads,please please please help me to click alrightt =)

Nexttt, about my work. Okay, before this I worked for Ino Mobile (29 Mar-6 Apr),which is actually Made from Singapore and the features and structures actually suit elderly people*and only =x*.
ok,I know you're confuse..
See? Now you know what I mean..

Basically, it has the world's largest keypad size,as you can see. Don't wanna elaborate more on this. Btw, in 14days, i manage to sell 6 of them only. clapss
Speaking of today, 9th APRILLLL
Its a fool month and it is also a total prank for me. basically, yesterday there is this random LADY called me for a job @ Giant CENTRAL. okay. and so she is like, so desperately want a promoter to work for this weekend..She claimed that Giant Central IS Giant Bkt. Tinggi,for them.  i told her to give me some time to ask my parents for permission first *which is an excuse cause I dont wanna go to work. didint expect for this* . And she was like 'But can you confirm with me to work for this weekend first?' . Kept on asking 'can or not' since Im in a total silence, and so I said 'okaayyy....' skip skip skip
So today, feeling so damn freaking lazy,tired *slept at 2+am the night before*, and pekk chekkkkkk .. i got up and prepare for work. I reached there @ 10.45am and i wasn't welcomed by the supervisor,a guy *he said he will reach before 10.30am* . Ended up I waited for him till 11.30am, he said he reached. we were like searching for each others at the staff entrance. he said he was at the staff entrance..and i were too standing infront of the staff entrance. And that's when things gone wrong.. HE IS AT GIANT KLANG CENTRAL AND IM AT GIANT BUKIT TINGGI. seeeeeeeee?!!!  i told you Giant Central is NOT Giant Bkt.Tinggi.
Damn you wasted my time,my energyy *walked back home after the whole incident* . Really drive me crazy. Force me to work and it turned out to be a prank. damn silleyy. hmph

And lastlyyy, I do not want to own a DEAD blog!!!

                                                                         Sign Off 
                                                                       Erica Bong


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