Photoshoot - It's Spring !
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | 6:57:00 AM | 0 comments
yeah baby, it's spring! went on a photoshoot earlier and these will be the pictures =)

 comic-version of us. on our way to somewhere near Parkson,Klang

And....these will be some of the outcome =)

For more pictures, please click here ;)
Credits to :: Miemie Loh ( photographer ) and her friends , Keat Ping and Chai Yik. you guys ROCKS! hahahahahha
Of couse also to my beloved partner-of-the-everyday , Dearie Jasmine =D

Apparently, Mie shared most of her photography photos in her blog..and trust me, they are interesting!  Link to her blog =)

And and red color has been my favourite! argghhh, damn regret for not requesting to have a bloody red lips for this photoshoot :(
by the way, I do feel most of the pictures were ruined by me-myself.
I chose the wrong outfit to be worn for this photoshoot. The green outfit certainly have me looking like a king kong in some of those pictures. I looked damn so big sized and... aiyahh, in short, no more choosing this kind of outfit next time :'(  apparently, it's out of my expectation. I mean, i thought I may have lotsa good looking pictures from this photoshoot. sighhhhhhh nevermind, there will be next time =)

p/s :: I NEED TO SLIM DOWN AND KEEP FIT. oh god, please give me some motivations,would ya? :(

Photos by | MieMie Loh

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