Movie Day
Thursday, April 14, 2011 | 8:25:00 AM | 0 comments

Introduction for today's post. LOL

ok, sorry for crapping. it's just that i took too many pics today,trying my best to arrange those pictures to not let you readers think its too much 0.0
Today ,I went for a movie with my boyfren. and we watched Rio. i know this cartoon movie is on air for a week already LOL
rating :: 7/10. after all, it is just a cartoon. nothing much to elaborate

My boyfren suggested to watch Hop or The Ghost Must Be Crazy,but I insist to watch Rio for some reasons. Will tell you why later ;)

So, we went over to MBO Harbour Place and bought the 12.45pm ticket..bought popcorn set and sandwiches too as our breakfast, then it's movie time !


My <3

After that, we went to McDonalds and this will be the reason why I'd wanted to watch Rio. Its because of their toys !!

With the collaboration of McDonald's HappyMeal McValue Lunch set, they are giving Rio toys. *gagaagaga*
I wanted to feel how its like to become a kid for like...1hour? lol So,I ordered HappyMeal and chose Jewel as my toy =)

p/s :: I wanted to buy HappyMeal and since they're giving Rio toys, dont you think I should go and watch the movie first or not I'll not understand and recognize who's this and this and that, right? ;))

Ta-Daaaa ! lmao
Thanks to the boyfren for driving me there and paid for my lunch set :D

Sign Off
Erica Bong

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