Justin Bieber : Never Say Never Movie
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 | 7:15:00 AM | 0 comments
Ok. Before I officially start my post, there are few things I wanted to say.
FIRST ) I am not a fan of Justin Bieber ( neither small nor huge fans all right )
SECOND ) This is based on my opinion , my feeling and my thoughts, do not shooooot me LOL

Ok, lets start
Today my boyfren and I planned to watch movie. I suggested to watch The Ghost Must Be Crazy since many said that the comedy is hilarious. ( i hadn't watch it, so outdated huh -.- ) And then because of some reasons , the boyfren said that we should watch Justin Bieber : Never Say Never. Plus, it is a new movie so it is better to watch that. So ok, we went for it.

rate :: 8/10

To be honest, I went in to the theater without putting on high hopes that this movie may amuse me or what. I neither Liked him nor Hated him. But I just dont think that I WILL and I WOULD watch his movie.Moreover, its a movie that speaks about him.yea,I mean speak.
I'd actually felt irritated when whenever I switch on the radio, it is all about Justin Bieber. Bieber this Bieber that. If its not 'Justin Bieber ticketssssss!!!!!!!!!!' then it'll be 'Bieber Barbershop' or or even 'Bieber Fever'  * I tuned on to hitz.fm every single time I on my radio LOL* And my boyfren said that they even aired Bieber songs for like infinity times. swttt
To my surprise, I actually smiled for like..3/4 of the movie LOL it actually...amazed me.. Now I know why people like him
Reason #1 - He can sing *obviously*
Reason #2 - He can dance
Reason #3 - He can Smile. He's always with that smiling face that makes the teenagers or even kids to fall in love with him. Ok, honestly I nearly fall in love with him, too ><
You know, not many can do that, well at least not to a 17-year-old guy.He sing + dance + smile all at once.

 I likeeeeeeeeeed the movie. especially when he duet with Sean Kingston to sing their Eenie Meenie song, its like OMG. so so damn happening.
I also liked the One Time part and One Less Lonely Girl. OMGGGGGGG One Less Lonely Girl is my favourite! wanna know why?..then you should really watch this show to know the answer..like really, its like a dream ! HEHE
Wouldn't wanna talk more about it , or not I'll be whacked up for spoiling those fan's excitement  *winks*

Will I recommend this movie to people? I dont know.But just one thing for each
To Bieber fans - nothing to say, cause obviously you'll go crazy for this movie
To Bieber haters - please go and watch this movie to see how suck he did. As I said, I am not a Bieber fans too ;)

Last but not least ,
I was so damn lucky to be sat in a room with only 5 persons watching the movie and non of them was the true Bieliebers ! Or not, the room will be covered up by shouting screaming and yelling and not to forget ended up by crying and tearing all over the place !

                                                                       Sign Off
                                                                     Erica Bong

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