Labour Strike / Temple
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | 6:27:00 AM | 3 comments
If you've read my earlier post, yay, i got my salary already ! *dancing dancing*.but poor thing, i can just stare at it for the moment.I'll tell you why later :'(

Ok, So, today I went to KL *yay*. to be honest, i rarely go to KL eventhough KL is not really far away from me ( +- 1hour distance) . if KL is 10/10 , i went ,perhaps only (1/2)/10 of KL -.-

So my dad dropped me at Pavillion and I walked to Central Plaza *luckily I can still recognize the road* . then,straight i went to Mobile Concepts to take my $.$ hee! eventhough its not a huge amount, but better than nothing.. At first I thought they will give it me in the form of cash *and i thought that's the reason for him to not use the bank in method*  But no, he give it to me by cheque! 
Ok,firstly, I do not have a bank account. secondly, if i happen to have a bank account, also I couldn't take out my money because the date was 15 April (today 13 April) and if and only if i happen to bank in that cheque today, i can only get it after 3 working days! #$@#$!! You know, Im officially broke to have not more than rm100 cash on my hand now T_T and and Friday Imma celebrate Miss Noobie's birthday @ Pyramid. sigh sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh *bangwall*
Now I shall wait for my new I/C to open a bank account,and then only I can get my money. And that will take me about,say 3weeks-1month ? :'(
start to dislike my hair, too long for me

Okay, after that, i went to the temple located near Jalan Petaling. went there to thank the 'Wen Chang Ye'?
Oh ya, did i tell you i saw there was a strike action happened at a random place in KL today? And surprisingly, it's the Maybank employees whom held the strike.
my first time to see such a scene ( don't include those on televisions -.- )

Err, I think i saw.. 'Maybank menipu gaji pekerja miskin'? something like that =x

To be honest, I think it's quite a disgrace to our country.*dont shoot me* Its in KL and you know there will be quite a number of tourists just happen to walk pass there and whoah!.. labour strike happening in Malaysia.
I know it's quite a normal...it's just my opinion .________.

Ok, so I went to the temple to pray.
....and that's my chinese name ;)

Sign Off
Erica Bong

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