Happy Birthday ,MeiYan
Friday, April 15, 2011 | 8:59:00 AM | 0 comments
Yeah, stated clearly at the title , It's Miss MeiYan's birthday tomorrow * happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you..* 
a picture of the lady who's turning 18 tomorrow.
She's non other than the lady whom I always called Miss Noobie at my previous post xD

The time now :: 11:37pm .time is ticking and I gotta be quick. Ok, so to celebrate her big big day, we went to pyramid. p/s :: she's working tomorrow, so yeah.
We're there around 2pm and then Miss Carmen came to meet us.
outfit of the day

me and the 18years old lady =D

So after we met, we walked around Popular book exhibition..and then to The Gardens to have our lunch since Miss Carmen requested for it . We were actually fighting to get the seat that was designed to a swing?...and the generous me let out the seat for the KIDS xD

seeeeeee? the tam-jiak-po's happily having their meal
tsk tsk tsk *laugh out loud* xD
and trust me, the spaghetti taste YUCKK   

and then and then... we went for window shopping..walked around..and i bought my all time favourite drink from The Coffee Bean
Pure Double Chocolate =D
only get to drink this when Im @ Pyramid :'(

and then we walked and window-shopped again.. bought myself a Meg Cabot story book..and it's actually my first time buying a story book. ROFL I always take my sister's one to read =x ...and we went back around 7+pm with Miss Noobie's sister's car lol

Last but not least ,
hope you have an awesome weekend with your awesome job =DDD
have fun scanning alright , old lady ! xD

                                                                   Sign Off
                                                                 Erica Bong


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