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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 | 8:37:00 AM | 0 comments
After few days staying at home and all I do was just eating, watching tv and sleeping.. Im officially an O-T-A-K-U !! lols.its just that i dont get anyhow fairer or nerd-er .__.
Ok,so today i stepped outta my house,like finally. Went out with Dearie Jasmine and Bs to McD at first..then to cyber cafe. Met Mr Kuso with his after-awake face to McD with Miss WeiShze ;)

Went to cyber cafe around 4+pm and went back around 8+pm. pffffffffft. I didint know Facebook got that lots of lame games..but i find it challenging :]
 Example , the Helicopter game. gahhhh. my highest record was only 798.i'm still on my way to break their highest record,which is 8k @.@
Icy Tower also not badd. all you need to do is jump jump jump and jump ;)
There's also others like Gold Miner , Pacman (i know you're familiar enough with this) and Crazy Taxi .
go try try try to break their records if you're feeling boring.Its better than you kept on refreshing your homepage and hope for new updates will be up ._. ( i did that too LOL )

that's alllll for now. tomorrow will be going to KL to collect my salary. hee heee! ...and not to forget,to the temple regarding my SPM result ..

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                                                                    Erica Bong


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