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Monday, March 21, 2011 | 10:13:00 AM | 1 comments
Gosh gosh
Please remind me when was the last day i blogged? o.o
I hate myself for breaking the promises I made when I first had the intentions to blog
As I said, I would want to re-read my blog as time passes and yet I'm not blogging too often deng

Reason why I'm not blogging?
Alright. I'll not refuse to admit that one of the main, main reason was because
I am lazy .__. hehe 
Second reason, no inspirations from anywhere and anyone ~.~
Third reason, poor vocabulary and grammar makes me doubt on everything I write and I post
I really need to brush up my vocabs before I suffer afterwards in mahh high school life

Reason why I'm blogging now?
Had some inspirations after reading at one of the random yet famous blogger's blog hah
She is pretty,rich and and a very,very generous beautiful person =]
And and
She speaks with an english accent. awwwwwwwww
I'd always wished to speak like an American,like seriously
I'll be very envious to see my skin color people speaks like an American
I'll stare at them while they're talking. ahahaha

What have I been doing recently?
Work work and work
If its not at the pharmacy then it'll be at some random roadshows
Recently, I'd been working as a part-timer with the MOG Optical Store
Had 2 times of partnerships with them. [ first was Maxims Contact Lenses, then FreshLook Contact Lenses ]
Committed 13days of full-day-work, which was from 10am till 10pm, without any other outings,and I would say freedom? great torture
and finally im done with it. phew phew

Today is Monday. so?
Had a great outing with the crazy peepos, Miss Noobie Miss Carmen and Mr Andrew
Went to scream our lungs out @ Greenbox, Aeon Bkt Tinggi
After that, we had a lil chit-chat session @ Espress Cafe
No photos were taken and so sorry to said that its because Im lazy ~.~ heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

What's my plan?
As we were informed, SPM results will be release on the 23rd March
which means it is time to get serious and plan for our future
I know to plan now is a little too late, but we still have to make a conclusion on everything

My plan was
to go for Form 6
people think that it is a waste of time but for me it is the same compared to college?
people think that it is hard to score but for me it is still the same compared to college?
Nothing is easy and perfect
If you were to go for College,you can say that it is a time-saving route to take but is it a financial-saving route?
and in other ways,
If you were to go for Form 6, you can say that it is a time-wasting route to take but IT IS a financial-saving route
Well, I may change my decision from time to time,still
I mean to go for college or Form 6 cause Im hoping that I could get scholarships or sponsorships to get me to college. lol
Just hoping that my results wouldn't disappoint me..It's the only way to get me to college =[
 fingers crossed :\
Gotta start printing out scholarships forms and stuffs

When am I gonna blog again?
So sorry,but no answer to this question for now ._.
I would say, Stay Tune  =]

                                                                   Sign Off
                                                                 Erica Bong


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