Working Is Boring
Wednesday, January 12, 2011 | 9:14:00 AM | 0 comments
6 Jan -
Smsed Pharmacy boss if i can start work earlier, which is on tomorrow. i smsed him around 2+am in the midnight,so i cant get his reply on the same time hee

7 Jan -
I set my alarm clock @ 9am to see if Boss had replied me.
Manatau havent. Continue sleep back till 11+am, he finally replied and says if i wanna work
Then come @ 12.30pm. Heeeeee
Okay, finally get a job and that I wont rot at home o.o
Worked from 12.30pm till 7.30pm.
After working hour, went for dinner with dad and brothers then off back to home!

8 Jan -
What a torturness!
Boss asked me if i can work from 10.30am till 9.30pm wth? -.-
Then i said 'sui bian' cause i got no other activities either.
But its helllll boring to work at a pharmacy you know actually.
We will just need to wait for customers to enter and serve them. Thats all
Deng. Then at most time, what me and Aunty Kamala did, another pharmacy worker whom work for darn long time already, was sitting and sleeping and talking and eating!
Gosh, I dont wanna gain weight already... T_T
But in meanwhile, I still learnt at least something bout those meds and creams and all. so yeah
Ok, after working hour,went back home and i forget what i did already o.o

9 Jan -
Yeahh! Went to my beloved Education Fair this time!
Well, earlier there is a Edu fair @ MidValley, I know.
Miss Noobie asked me if I wanna follow her to MidValley and at last she put me aeroplane cause she has to work.
That time I was darnn interested and darn wanna go!..but couldnt find people to accompany me.
At the same time Dearie is having her last SPM paper which is Eco on Monday, so cannot accompany me.
So this time, I called my dad to bring me go,and my brothers tag along too.

Heading towards Temple before KLCC (bro needa do some prayers after PMR)
Went with make-ups on.

I seriously dont like myself taking pictures with make-ups on.

So we went there @ around 10+.Reached KLCC around 11+am.
Went in, look at those Big Big billboard to see which College is present.
Went to Inti College's booth to look for my sister, who's doing Part-timer as a Assistant Consultant.
She is a Inti-UC,Nilai student, so yeah.
A part of many photos.

removed my make-ups. Darn beh tahan

After that, went to walk around, saw quite lots of chefs wandering around. lols
I wanted to consult Inti's counselor, but I dont know why i just cant o.o
Went back without any consultation,zero informations, but LOADS of flyers -.-
I dont know if I regretted for coming, or feeling nothing. But i really felt useless and helpless. Lol

After Edu Fair , we all went or a walk at KLCC. Then brother wanted to go to the PetroSains,Discovery blabla.
Then we all went loh. To accompany him or not he will give us that Big Pao face already.
At first i thought that the entrance fee would be quitee costy. But it actually aint. Only a few buckss.

Do i look like a ghost? o.o

2 noob brothers -.-

brother playing with mini trucker 0.0

Me with the Mad Scientist .__.


So, I visited there for my very first time. Never ever thought that i would step in here cause i thought its gonna be very expensive -.-
Well, its mainly bout geography thingy, our earth, our stones&rocks, our mines, our petroleum and all.
Also included Physics and Chemistry.
I feel very excited when i saw things which i had learnt before. Its amazing =)
We started going in around 1+ and came out at about 5+pm -.-
Then went back to Klang,had our dinner @ Bukit Tinggi and off to home!

Sign Off
Erica Bong
13 Jan 2011

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