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17 Jan -

Woke up @ 10am after I received a message from Dearie,prepared myself and waited for Dearie to fetch me out from my house.
We went first to her shop then KianBoon 'jiejie'  joined us. haha
Well, actually KianBoon is a GUY, but he look more like a girl x)
He's gonna be the driver of the day, driving me and Dearie Jasmine to KL to shop.
We were at her shop for quite sometime since there are many customers at that time.
We started our journey to KL @ nearly 4+pm.

<3 the pillow in his car =)

starting to love my hair color =)

We went to Pavilion.
Its my very first time to seriously shop at Pavilion. LOL
Hell many branded stuffs.
Just like what Miss Noobie said, I felt quite embarrassing walking around that high-class shopping mall ><
We stop by @ Gucci first cause KianBoon 'jiejie' wanted to buy himself a Gucci belt.
After comparing and surveying, at last he chose a, ermm, quite a reasonable belt for its price @ RM1110.
After that, we went to Roxy and Dearie bought herself a dress @ RM219.  Not really a reasonable one actually..... lol
Then we walk walk walk
From Burberry to Ralph Lauren to Prada.
Damn. A plain singlet also cost at RM300+?? siao -.-
Sone CNY deco @ Pavilion
Spotted the barbie doll over there? That's my Dearest. heee

Then we went to Forever 21. 
Me and Dearie saw one quite interesting dress.
Its a, I would say very very elegant and pretty dress.
I <3 it sooo much that I bought it after trying on at the fitting room.
I bought that dress @ RM99 whereas Dearie Jasmine bought the same dress but different color and another top @ RM99 and RM139.

I dont feel that the dress i bought is a waste or whatever. Cause Im really in love with it and..no regrets =)

After Pavilion, we went Sungei Wang with KianBoon 'jiejie' 's sister and her boyfriend cause he wanted to buy a Police watch.
Another round of surveying, he at last bought the watch @ RM400+.
ITS JUST A PLAIN WHITE WATCH!! damnnnnnnn expensive sial zzz

Later on went back to Klang to have dinner with Dearie's Mum, Uncle Ser and BoonSheng @ Lucky10.
Saw Jamie Gan ( primary schoolmate) and that Idiot KianBoon jiejie smoke beside me! zzz

Nevertheless, am still very satisfied with today =)

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                                                           Erica Bong


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