Greenbox with the girls
Wednesday, January 5, 2011 | 9:27:00 PM | 0 comments
Me,Miss Noobie and Miss Carmen planned to return our books today, so in the meantime we can also plan to go to greenbox!
heading to my Sec school.

I reached school round 10.30, talked awhile with Fatimah and Sairazan @ school canteen.
Then Miss Carmen reached no longer after that.
Miss Noobie is not punctual enough to say that she'll be reaching around 11.30 but end up reaching @ 12++pm.

After returning books, then off we go to JJ by Miss Noobie's dad's car.

When we reached, we went to McD's to have our brunch since all of us were hungry. After that, went to visit Miss Stephanie @ Guess then went to Greenbox.
This time we couldnt use our IC to get cheaper price already :(
Miss Carmen has got her own student card, then she took her cousin sister's one to fake for another person o.o

Pictures taken @ GreenBox.

Miss Stephanie came to see us for awhile, not even a minute, then went off already..
Hmm. After greenbox, we went to the washroom and when we come out, Miss Lisa were there! =)

She and Miss Carmen has got really alot to talk. lols
We all went to Popular to visit Mr KianFai and coincidently, its his break-time already.
Then we 5 walked together, went to visit Mr CheeWei @ BBQ, Mr WeiChung and Mr ZanXiang @ WindMill.
After that, we went to MillWheel cause Miss Carmen has to dine her dinner t first before going to English class.
Fetched Miss Noobie back to her house,then when i reached home straight online to upload pictures.
i started uploading Singapore pictures from 8+ and only manage to finish @ 11+pm.
Chat awhile with Mr BanLin bout Form6 cause im still doubting bout it.
After pictures, start to rearrange,edit,double confirm and post new posts @ here, Blogger.
Its a tiring day alright. hmm =/
Good night =)

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                                                             Erica Bong


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