Enjoying life to the Fullest #1
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29 Dec -
Am still at K.Sepetang on that day. Due to boring-ness after we've (me and sister) done our business (dye hair),
we planned to go to town ( Taiping )
I first went to town with Couz CheaChea cause she wanted to buy books before school reopens. Mum fetched us there.

on my way
kinda like this pic

waiting for couz to buy her books.
new hair color =)
Later on, Couz Wayne with his car, fetched my sister and Couz Alice to town too @ Taiping Central.
After meeting them there, we shopped for awhile then my sister said XiaoGuang jiejie ( cousin-in-law) coming to meet us! =D
Darn long since we've met.
Then we met @ Starbucks,Taiping Central. Chit chatted alot bout her kids, her life and all.

Starbuckss <3

from left :: Me,CheaChea,Alice,XiaoGuang jiejie,Irene

from left :: Wayne,Me,CheaChea,Alice,XiaoGuang jiejie,Irene

Hee! Thiam Korkor (cousin) rushed back to his shop after that, then its time for us to go walkkk!
We watched 3.40pm's Gulliver's Travel

Rating :: 7/10
quite meaningless yet nicee =)

After the movie, we went straight to Thiam KorKor's shop to meet him,then went to fetch Couz Jassic.
At around 7+pm, we all went together to meet her boys! Haha, cutiee ones =D
Let me introduce,
her boys
Jonathan - John
aren't they cuteee. haha

So we went to meet them for awhile and  off we went for dinner @ Pizza Hut.

loving this picture =D
lazyy JJ x)

One family + his lil brother, Jonathan

Cutie tryna suck in Pepsi while his mom is trying hard to press on the straw to stop em' from flowing 

After dinner, went back to K.Sepetang, had our supper with only drinks @ coffee shop.
before setting off.

Mum booked bus ticket for me,sister and couz Jassic to Singapore that time.
Then went back home, had some chatting session with Wayne and Jassic,my mentorss.
They brain-washed me quitee alot. haha
Love to talk to them. hee!
Slept at around 2am.
The End!

30 Dec -
Woke up @ 8am, took our bath, pack our belongings and off we went to Simpang to collect our bus ticket.
We then later on went to take our breakfast at a nearby hawker stall.
Sat our bus all the way to south from 11.30am till 8.30pm. Damn. 10hours journey man -.-
Once we reach YiShun, Uncle Ben (aunt's friend),Aunt and my cousins came to pick us up to have our dinner at a Food Court.
Later on went to the market to buy some foods for coming days.
Went back to house, Couz Don introduced his favourite girl band, SNSD to us. haha damnn epiccc xD
introducing... xD

slept at around 1+ am? =)
The End!

                                                                         Sign Off
                                                                      Erica Bong

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