Enjoying life to the Fullest #3
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2 Jan -

Woke up slightly later today,which is @ 10+. Prepared ourselves and off we went to Ikea for breakfast
missed the sausage. $1 only o.o

Ikea's breakfast choice. We almost ordered everything =) 

Finished our breakfast, we took MRT to somewhere around QueensWay to shop for more goods =)
We've been a good fan of Cotton On. lol
Whenever there's a Cotton On in that particular  shopping mall, we will never missed out our chance to get a new pairs of shoes from there x)
we split with my Aunt after that, then we continued shopping @ QueensWay.

Next, we went to Bugis gain cause Couz Jassic wanted to buy a school bag for her sister.
After that, we went to TCC's for a break. Its a coffee house like Starbucks too.
But not as popular as Starbucks. o.o

Then we went for dinner @ a Thai restaurant. yumm. long time never drink tomyum soup liao 

Later on, we thought of going to karaoke.
Took bus to Ang Mo Kio at first but we stopped halfway cause we saw Party World (karaoke centre) lol

Due to money problem and time constraint, we went all the way back to Ang Mo Kio already.
We headed straight to home. We'd rather stay at home watching television on the relaxing sofas than going out for a second try.
Irene,Don and Shaun watched Death Race whereas me and Jassic discussed bout my future studies and did some personal test on web. After this discussion, Im quite firm with my decision already on which subject to take up during Form6. Thanks cousin =)
Slept at around 2am.
The End!

p/s :: Pictures from 132-147 @ Singapore

3rd Jan -

Aunt woke us all up including my lazy bump cousin brothers for breakfast.
We at first planned to eat @ the market, but at last went to McD's.
I ordered a special breakfast set which we all cant find it in Msia,whereas Jassic and Aunt preferred to dapao market foods to McD's.
Irene Don and Shaun discussed bout our next trip on CNY, which is maybe to Thailand. Just hope that the plan works 
Then, Uncle Johnny again volunteered to be our part time driver to fetch us to Shaun's polytechnic,which is a college. x)

He then dropped us at a nearby shopping mall, IMM.
We never spend lots of time here.
Then we headed to Jurong Point.
Shop shop shop...........
Then its time to meet Uncle Ben!

We went to a Japanese cuisine to have our dinner
Like always before we leave Singapore.
Well, what should i comment..
Taste abit like those foods you can find it @ Food Court, you know, like Wantan Mee and all
Hmm, quite special for a Japanese cuisine to taste like that.

We then went back home to pack our belongings.
Me and my sister, came to Spore with only 4 bags on hand, end up bringing back to Klang with 8 bags. deng
Too much of clothes from aunt and shopping @ Singapore. hee!
We'll have to say goodbye to Don before leaving his house cause he's going back to the Army already. Hugss

Next,we went to Malay streets
Uncle Ben ordered Teh Tarik for us. It taste not really bad with the gingers.
around 8+pm,he brought us to Golden Mile to get our bus tickets.
Couz Jassic is going back to Lumut whereas me and sister going bac to Klang.
She went off earler @ 9pm, whereas me and sister got to wait till 10.30pm :(
My first time to sit on a quitee high class bus.
we're actually sitting on a bus from a company named Five Stars, so yeah..
We can play and watch movie inside the bus, and the seats were pretty much comfortable from the other buses.
Costs $50 for a person which is RM100+ -.-

The End!

p/s :: Pictures from 148-156 @ Singapore

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                                                              Erica Bong

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