Enjoying life to the Fullest #2
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31 Dec - New Year Eve
This day is a shopping day! Damnn happy i got to go back to my favourite place @ Singapore, Bugis Street =)

After we've done with our stuffs, Uncle Johnny came to pick us all up to my aunt's shop.

After that,went to eat Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Bugis with him and we talked about our futures with him.
A very polite and well-manners person,darn good also =)

Then he left us at Orchard Road cause my aunt wants to look at ZARA's clothes.
We went to look for ZARA's only,then we took cab all the way back to Bugis -.- to meet another HOT AUNT =D
Yeahh! My Bugis Street
We shopped the whole day over there. Bought lots and lots of goods for CNY. damn satisfying =D
Moreover, my aunt again gave us each $100 to be spent. lols
Then we walked to Takashimaya shopping centre, shop for awhile then off we went to Sakae Sushi for lunch.
Its time for picturess

happy relatives

Aunt Lena's family

Mahh' Hot 3rd Aunt
Heart her lots!

Hot Mamas!
Aunt Lena-Aunt Shirley
(btw,Aunt Lena is my aunt's cousin. complicated huh? =) )

Then,Couz Shaun's friend joined us.

Ok, continue with our activity.
After that lunch+dinner meal, walked to Far East mall and shopp again =D
am really enjoying buying things with little worries =)

Then, its time to COUNTDOWN!!
We took MRT to Marina Bay to countdown.
Damn. Went there to squeezee like a tuna with crowds of people. Really no place to walk that kind one.
waiting for MRT

self shott before 2010 ends

the crowds

Real torturness
Before going to Marina, we dapao-d Starbuckss.

last few minutes before 2011

Wow,I must tell you.
This is the first time to celebrate New Year @ Singapore and also the first time I'd officially celebrate New Year (will the firecrackers and all)
Damnn chunn!

After that, went back to our house.
We planned to have a BBQ session the next day but its all fully booked :(
After some movies and chatting session, went to bed at around 3am.
The End!

p/s :: Pictures from 1-70 @ Singapore

                                                               Sign Off
                                                            Erica Bong

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