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Yesterday was the first day for Miss Noobie to work at Popular,JJ.
Many of our classmates went to visit her. eg Miss Carmen Miss Stephanie Mr KianFai Mr KahJing and Mr GiZhang
She later on blamed me cause i never went to visit her since im also considered as her close friend. deng

So, today i went and visit her. I purposely went to JJ just to accompany her for dinner. Mr Seng says that she looks pity on her face today when he accompanied her for lunch zzz 

I called my mum to fetch me to JJ at around 6pm. Then i reached Popular at around 6.30pm. 
I knew that she wouldnt be aware of my presence,so i took a box of Rocky and paid at her counter.
I was there for like,quite a long time, waiting for her to see me or realize my presence there, but due to her noob-ness she doesnt even know its me even after i paid for my Rocky zzz 

waited for her after puchasing my Rocky

'hah??rocky also finish already?'

waited for at least half an hour before she get to rest deng

at McD's again

noob -.-

So yeah, we chit-chatted bout quite alot of stuffs
bout her colleagues,bout the customers,bout her holidays
She then suddenly shoot me by saying im not sincere enough to visit her only on the second day whereas other classmates came on the first day.
She also claimed that i came to JJ with other purposes when i actually purposely went there just to accompany her to take her dinner. deng
Damn pity me. Dah la tak appreciate, somemore complain alot. damnnn very good in acting lah she. hmph

At around 8pm,its time for her to get back to work. So i went to SODA to meet up with Dearie Jasmine and BoonSheng.
We're invited to our primary schoolmate's birthday party, Ng Poh Mun.
I guessed she enjoyed alot on her big day since many of her recent schoolmates celebrated with her
Whereas me and Dearie enjoyed meeting back our primary schoolmates. eg NgYongLeng TanChiaLun RyanOoi OngSueSzen KhooYinYin and KarinYap
quite a number of them changed alot. from ugly to pretty, from fat to thin. Glad to meet them all again =))

she even have 'lut lut' for her buffet birthday party

There are more pictures. But I'll leave it to my special post wishing the birthday girl,maybe tomorrow? after i gather up all the pictures taken. so stay tune =)
After the birthday party we went to Shanmuga yamcha and chitchat

Till i get home, saw this particular post from Miss Noobie saying 'THANK YOU' to me lols

And this
just look at how thick her face is.

That's all. Goodnight and have a sweet dreams everyone =)

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                                                                        Erica Bong

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