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Thursday, December 9, 2010 | 9:02:00 PM | 1 comments
So, yeah
currently enjoying the so-called 'life after spm'. duhh

Before SPM ended, i asked mum to fetch me back to Taiping so that i could rest my mind after 3weeks of 'war'
So, yeah, she brought me here last night.
Thought of having a peaceeeful journey
Mana tau mum said she's gonna fetch another woman with 3kids.
WHAT?! 3 kidss?!!!
urghh, from 7pm till 11pm got tortured by the kids
But lucky they're not that noisy.
Then, there's one particular dog, slept in the middle of the road thinking that no one would pass by like that -.-
Got crashed abit by the lorry ahead us. Lucky its just abit. Pity him =(
So reached here had our supper than slept

Woke up as early as 8am today,
Had my breakfast at 11am, nothing left except for some home-cooked dishes
random =x

Niece and nephew =)


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