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Saturday, December 11, 2010 | 6:01:00 PM | 0 comments
Hee! this is sooo gonna be random

So yeah, since SPM's over already, cant resist the desire of getting rid of my BLACK hair , colourless nail, dull look and boring life
pfft. so here it goes

1) Nail Color
Hehe, I chose this as my current nail color at first
Color :: Blood red
Reason why I choose this :: Special =)

But that doesnt last long cause i felt its quite scary to have this color -.-
Then I'd changed to this!

yeah, i think it looks better huh? =)

2) The deceased
The day before yesterday, saw Miss Carmen's status at first about the guy whom commited suicide for his beloved.
I didint know that
A guy can really sacrifice anything, including his life, for a girl
Cause for me, this will only happen to a girl sacrificing for a boy
It has always been this way
I really salute and felt sorry for him
He's soo sincere, I wonder why his girl chose to dump him =(
I dont blame anyone of course, just being curious
The  Facebookers are now spreading news and some had even made their own tribute in the form of vids for him. Some scolded, some respected and some were speechless.
His last note, last status, last comment
Never let anyone thought that it would really be his last
He's so darn darn serious and put in much effort to save his 4months relationship between him and the girl.
I wonder what would the girl felt now.
I hope he'll rest in peace, and hope no one would follow his steps
To choose death and thought that problems would solve .
He's such a handsome guy...what a waste =x
Anyway, to you all out there
If you have the gut to commit suicide, then prepare yourself,also to face the the God

3) Hair Dye
-coming soon- =)

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