Thursday, December 2, 2010 | 10:02:00 PM | 0 comments
Wallah, I'm here ;)
Lucky today can connect to streamyx or not I'll be bored to death since today's my pre-holiday winks

Purpose of writing blog today is because I've edited my playlist
Yeah, most probably the ones you,all readers are hearing now
Its some of the cartoon series theme songs I've added in (latest hits at the bottom of playlist)
Reason :: I do not know why
But what I know is, i enjoyed hearing these songs
It reminds..
Not only that,
It recalls back most of my childhood moments

From when my house installed Astro,
then we,siblings started to watch Cartoon Network Disney Channel and Nickelodeon
Dad's always watching his CNN and National Geography
Till when my mum says it's time to uninstall Astro as we've gone beyond the limit of watching -.-
so sad :'(
Then, Astro's gone !

I missed the cartoons,
I missed the characters,
I missed the moments,.
I missed Astro :(
Lucky now movie producers started to air their cartoons in cinemas
Or thank Youtube probably for having some of the cartoon videos.
Their theme songs,to me, is really relaxing.

What do you guys think ? =)

Counting Down = 5 days


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