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Pfft. Why is it so boring when school is out?
Why can't days be more meaningful without school?
Does this suppose to mean that school is important to me?

I've never wanted to blog today.
But, the boring-ness would have killed me !
I don't feel like that when there's school.

Woke up as early as 9.30am this morning
Planned to revise some Biology, and i did
After that,had my breakfast then continue again
around 11am went back to sleep and woke up at 2pm
Then, again revise for Bio

Its repeating!
I dont know what else can I do, so i decided to blog.
Even to blog, also I dont know what to say -.-
Well at least it's the only way I can turn away from books

3 days!
Hola, yeap
Im left with these 3 days
Then Im free! for at least 6months, or more or what-so-ever -.-
Im thinking how am I going to rot for that 6months,or more
Well,of course Im going for work. But, not so soon
Yeap, there is a trip to Pangkor awaiting me to go.
And maybe going back to Granny's house..and maybe Singapore
Just hoping that day's wouldn't suck like now after SPM

Im missing exams, like so seriously
But i hate studying lah
I know Im crapping here, but I've got nothing else better to do!

Its 4.20pm now, thinking what to do after blogging.
Date with Biology again? Maybe.
But mostly am going straight to bed for a nap -.-
Ima bored to death and rot like a..whatever
Anyway, Dictrict Interact Conference ends today! yippee
Cant wait for my juniors to upload pictures
I want to see who's this year's Exchange Students hehe

Tomorrow's Chemistry.
That particular tuition teacher wants all of her students
to get A+ for her Chemistry
She's putting too much hope on us -.-
For her, of course Chemistry is like sap sap water
But for us, not really ma. She's more on giving pressure for those who cant cope with Chemistry
Im so-so only for this subject. Couldnt imagine if i dont get A+ for her.
Ok, let's make it this way
If i get A+, Ima call her up to tell her this great news
And if i dont, I'll just stay still and keep quiet as though nothing happens :D
I know this is bad, as i actually planned to add her on Facebook after Chemistry paper to tell her bout it. she usually stalks ppl and tell the whole class bout it -.-
Scary sia. Well, we'll see ;)

I guess its time to sign off and get my butt back on the sofa and start revising Bio
3days left.
Yea, Ima be patience and wait till the day
Think positive *winks

Counting Down = 3days

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