It's Christmas!!
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This is a belated post, but I'll write it as if it was today,alright? ;)

25 Dec -
Merry Christmas everyone! =D
Hohoho, what a holy night. I just loved christmas eventhough I dont celebrate
I can feel the peace, the silence,the music which was turned on
The pretty girls,the gifts and of course, the Santa Claus!

Well, before I go on with my stories, let me show  you some of the Christmas deco at the place I've visited.

Orchard Road @ Singapore

First World Hotel @ Genting Highlands

This year's Christmas I celebrated at Sunway Pyramid.
Handphone out of battery,so no pictures for Sunway Pyramid deco.
Unlike others whom went to Singapore or Genting Highlands to celebrate Christmas/Christmas Eve, I celebrated Christmas Eve at home and Christmas at Sunway Pyramid. how sad ='(

Woke up at around 12pm after I received a call from Miss Noobie,asking me whether wanna go to Sunway Pyramid or not @ 2pm
I agreed, then off I went to take my shower
After shower, I re-polished my ugly nails with a slightly the same color as previous one.
Then rushed to change my clothes cause Miss Noobie is on her way already.

On our way there, we chatted on lots of stuff. She talked bout her stories during the days @ Pangkor. 
I was suppose to join her and Miss Carmen to Pangkor, but I put aeroplane on them and went to Gening Highlands =x Sorry lahh,but i really couldn't make it last minute :(

When we reached Sunway Pyramid, we walked in seperate ways with their family
Me and Miss Noobie walked together, whereas Her dad,mum and all her sisters walked together.
We stopped by at Asian Avenue and bought a pants @ 2pm outlet which costs us RM20 each.
We later on went to Coffee Bean cause I wanted to try on the coffee there instead of always drinking only Starbucks.

@ Coffee Bean
Well, we called Pure what Chocolate,and it turned out not to be too sweet,as how I wanted it to be.
Miss Noobie keep claims that Starbucks one is the best. Damn. always berfikiran kolot ~.~
After that, we went on to shop and have a look

one family x)

Miss Noobie's sister called up and says that they are going to have their dinner already.
After meeting up, her eldest sister brought us to a Bali restaurant.
Those dishes costs her around RM20/RM30/RM40 pax

Then, we went on for a walk around Sunway Pyramid.

Then we went back at around 10+pm!

26 Dec -

Woke up at around 3+pm today. Hehe
Woke up already,straight went to the computer and online.
Around 5+pm, went on to sleep till 7pm. Haha
My sister called me up asking me whether wanna join her to gym or not, If nto i wouldn't have wake up o.o
Gymming for not more than an hour, went back home to online again
Then, Couz Jassic came to fetch Couz PeiQiang back to Pantai Remis.
Hee, i think that's all!

27 Dec -

Sister woke me up, telling me that we're going to Taiping already.
Started our journey @ 1+pm,reached K.Sepetang @ 8+pm cause we also went to KL before coming to Taiping.
Had our dinner+supper at a temple where there's Opera theatre showing on.
Went back home after that to online, then off to bed!

                               Sign Off
                              Erica Bong

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