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Yesterday night slept at around 2+am after hanging on the phone talking with him,then today woke up at 9am. deng. so darn sleepy alrite -.-

So,the reason why i woke up this early today on my beautiful honeymoon days-after-SPM is because i'm going to the hospital with my mum
But before that, I went first to Hin Hua high school to buy school books for my brothers before school reopens.
So, after that, went to the hospital. Mum planned to donate blood today,but because of a crowd waiting patiently to do their donation too, mum said 'Its time to go back,I'll come again later'. zzz
Plus my brother is giving that BIG PAO face cause he's so darn wanted to go home to prepare himself for an outing to JJ later.
Look for the day
Saw his BIG PAO face?


The view inside

Hmm, you must be wondering why I followed my mum to HTAR early in the morning
Well, Its because
I've planned to apply for a ORGAN DONOR card
yea, no play play
I wanted to be an organ donor for like long long time ago already,its just that mum hasn't got the time to fetch me to HTAR yet to apply =(
What an organ donor needs to do? Obviously, DONATE YOUR ORGANS AFTER YOU DIED!
According to wikipedia, this is what it says
 Organ donation is the removal of the tissues of the human body from a person who has recently died, or from a living donor, for the purpose of transplanting

Got the idea already? yeah, no doubt
I've make up my mind to donate my organs after Im no longer living in this world
Why bother keeping or hiding or treasuring your corpse underneath the ground when you know sooner or later worms and some disgusting bacteria will come and munch all your meats?
Dont need to be scared if you look ugly or whatever you might think
you'll be buried under the ground also what, who's gonna see you? Worms? deng
Well at least when you donate,you're not only giving hope to others to live,meanwhile you're also giving another chance to your family to feel like you're still living in this world! how great =)
Dont berfikiran kolot and think like how elderly people thinks. Urhh, Ive got no idea why they have that kind of thoughts bout organ transplant thingy, but what i know is, You're a teenager, you've got a modern mind,dont you?
Think out of the box,make a wise decision,right choice and go for it.
Imagine those people who suffer from terminal organ injury. Their hope is to get a replacement. There are still alot on the waiting list hoping to get a new life soon. 
Sharing is Caring support support
Plan yourself as an organ donor now,says Hitz.fm and me ;)

After a whole explanation like an essay talking bout organ organ thingy,
Im sorry to say that, I still hadn't apply for it! haha
sorry for the craps, but really, you should plan for this =)
When i was about to apply, the nurses there said that i can apply online. deng. i didint know that
They say just log on to agiftforalife.com or agiftforlife.com or agiftforlive.com or whatever she says, and apply there.
i still hadnt got the right one yet ~.~ any idea?

Hmm, seriously, go apply one for yourself. My mum and sister applied for it already and they'd got the card too. 
I dont think so apply online can get the card -.-
But takpe lahh
Apply online still you'll be the everyone's idol even after your death =)

The card looks like this
p/s :: this is a random picture copied from Google.

After visiting hospital, went to the boy's house then here I am ;)
That's all.

Im not forcing/scolding but advising. Sorry if any of the above statement offended you
If anyone of you knows the site, please inform me alright.

                                                                 Sign Off
                                                               Erica Bong


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