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Monday, December 13, 2010 | 8:14:00 AM | 0 comments
Still, at Taipng
Woke up at 8am prepared myself and off to morning market lol
Bought myself a t-shirt only =( which i later on wore it to greenbox
After that, went to a coffee shop and took my breakfast
Then, scan scan scan 
Started my journey back to Klang at around 10.30am

As i said  at the earlier post, Ima have a gathering at Greenbox,JJ with my classmates.
Im so scared that I'm not be able to reach on time, so I smsed Miss Carmen to change the time which I later on regretted =.=
So started my journey back at 10.30am and reach Klang at around 2.30pm
Headed straight to JJ cause Im considered late already
So went there, meet up with the peeps at Watson ( they bought present for her =) ) and off to Greenbox at 3pm

This is actually the FIRST gathering we'd be having with our classmates ( guys ) . Am happy that we've finally succeed to meet up and gather but am sad also that the rest couldnt make it  =( [ Miss Chewer, Amy, Wenly, Cheerly, JeeWei, ChunSian, ChoonSing] i guess i didint miss out anyone?
We had a great time singing, shouting, yelling and so on so forth. Lucky it didint turn out to be awkward
Its our very first time [ Me, Miss Noobie, Miss Carmen ] to hang out with the guys. hee!

lol all doing crazy actions x)

our room

the last pic taken before leaving

all of us except Miss Carmen whom went off early =(

11person's bill. Not expensive for me
BUT the Service Charge so darn high!it's almost a person's price. they didn't always serve us pun ._.

We're suppose to end at 6pm, but they let us sing till exactly 7pm. So we just kept on choosing song and start yelling xD
Almost everyone's voice went very very sore except Miss Noobie cause she never sing AT ALL! zzz

Finished singing, then Mr Seng asked if we wanted to watch movie [ Rapunzel, Narnia ] but at last cancelled then we went for a quick interview for jobs around JJ shoplots.

Mr Seng's face being smashed 

Its time for revenge!

Walked around and manage to ask a few [ Sorena and another new shop ] , so Im waiting for their calls now ;)
We later on headed to Popular to ask for jobs,too.
I never knew that they would straight away pick their workers randomly. I thought that they might,yeah, think bout it first then give us a call.
So it happen to be, after we filled in the application form, we're asked to enter a room [ only for staffs ] to get interviewed by the supervisor there!

Entered the room, waited for almost half an hour before we're called up by the supervisor.
We [ Me, Miss Noobie, Mr Seng, Mr Yap, Mr Chen ], went in to the supervisor's so-called private room and we're loaded with many IQ or EQ or whatever common sense questions. Everyone were suppose to answer her on the spot so yea, kinda random. There's soo much criteria and conditions to work there. And the timetable given by them doesnt suit me cause I've to follow Miss Noobie's car if i were to work at JJ.
After i think so half an hour of discussion, finally she made her mind to hire Me and Miss Noobie to work as a cashier and want us to start working a.s.a.p . I was like 'har...' and finally made an excuse [ no transport ] to escape from that job =D
She finally hired Miss Noobie and Mr Yap. suey
What can i say
Congratulations and good luck to you both!!
6months aint long. =D

p/s ::  Sorry for the blurred pictures.

                                                             Sign off
                                                          Erica Bong  

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