Happy Birthday , Poh Mun !!
Friday, December 17, 2010 | 5:37:00 AM | 0 comments
 a picture of the birthday girl. hee! 

Hmm, many of you all might not know who is she
Well, she is my primary schoolmate. Used to hang out together with Dearie Jasmine everytime after school back in those days.
She's now studying at SMK STAR, so we're not close anymore =(
Even so, she still invited a lot of our primary schoolmates but they couldnt make it to her party.
So, me and Dearie Jasmine went to the party and we get to see lots our primary school friends who's now also studying at STAR school. eg KarinYap KhooYinYin OngSueSzen and many more guys.  Glad to meet them all back =D
Hmm,i guess we'll leave it to the pictures to do the talkings?

behind us is the 'lut lut' car

birthday girl is about to cut her cake

quite a grand party i guess

Us and the birthday girl =D

from left :: NgYongLeng,DearieJasmine,NgPohMun(birthday girl),Me

the girls! hee

from left :: KarinYap,DearieJasmine,Me,KhooYinYin

birthday girl's sister and DearieJasmine

That's all for now
Hope she had a wonderful day =)

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                                                                     Erica Bong


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