Not again?
Tuesday, December 28, 2010 | 8:16:00 AM | 0 comments
As early as the ships are on their way to the sea ( which means it's very very early)
My mum did house chores.
Yeap, around 5-6 o'clock like that my mum sweep and mop the floor. deng
And the best part is,
She woke us all up at that early (me and my sister)
Damn lalala.

So we are suppose to shift into the room, with our heavy eyes,big mattresses and all
We sleep in the living room during our stay @ K.Sepetang
Then, sleep sleep sleep. Woke up @ exactly 9.30am.

Took my bath,then online till 1+pm
I suggested to my sister that we should go on with our plan. Which is to DYE OUR HAIR today.
Hee! i dye-d before when i was @ Singapore, but it turned out to be no difference as the previous one. So i re-dye lo =D

Oh man,Its so crowded at the barber's shop I thought that we will need to wait for 1 more hour
To my surprise, we waited for not even half an hour, then the aunty called me and it was my turn to get my hair dye-d!
I chose a, I think its the safest color to be chosen, the golden-brown dye color.
Me on my way x)

sister tryna' act funny

Its me -.-

My cousin tag along

So, this is the outcome

Sorry, but my face is too ugly =x
I like hers!
p/s :: colors in the picture might be slightly different from original.
Original ones are darn light and no doubt, it's very obvious -.-

I think mine is abit more to red-brown whereas my cousin's one is more to golden-brown.
But nevermind, the color will slowly fade off.
Its still better than before =)
By the way, I dye-d for RM50 onlyyy

After dye-ing our hairs, we went back to house. Had our lunch and online again

I went to take my nap for awhile after that.
When i woke up, we went to hunt for food again .__.
Ima really transform myself into a pig i tell you -.-

                                                                    Sign Off
                                                                 Erica Bong

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