Day 2
Saturday, December 11, 2010 | 6:49:00 AM | 0 comments
Second day spending my time at K.Sepetang. Not feeling the bored-ness yet. hehe
Can online then no problems already sometimes

So, my couz and I planned to go jogging this morning
And guess what.
Woke up at 6am, look at the sky. feeling so disappointed. hmph
This is gonna be my first day after SPM to go jogging and it turned out to be -tutt-
But we'd insisted to go, so got ourselves prepared and off to town.
Still raining :(

you ruined my mood too.

Haih, so nevermind. We reached town and still the rain is pouring down.
So instead of jogging, we went for breakfast at around 7am zzz

Want to burn down fats become gaining fats? swtttt

After that went back home online the whole afternoon
Oh ya, I've started to watch Glee already today, not bad but not really good enough
Im not addicted to it yet =x
Then went and slept from 2pm till 6pm
Got up then prepared myself for a walk at the night market nearby,bought some foods and snacks
Then mum said she's gonna bring us out for dinner -.-

yum yum yum! ate 'he kor' duno what's that called in english -.-
Pfft. ate too much till cant eat the foods we bought just now at night market.
So gave away some to my couzies,and this is the leftovers

I dont think so we can eat the burger now -.- darn bloated lol

Sign off.
Erica Bong


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