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Blogged this morning and Im here again to blog. Hee!

So this morning after breakfast, went nowhere -.-
Mum say she's gonna fetch us to town, but at last she went her own already zzz
Lucky recently grannie's hommie applied for streamyx. So now I can online anytime and wouldn't be bored to death here.
The reason why i agreed to come here is also because they've applied for streamyx.Before this, coming here is always a problem for me. VERY BORING wan leh without Facebook :(

So, let's go on
After a whole afternoon accompanying my niece to play her girlish games at y3.com -.-

We then went for dinner at 5pm in a restaurant by a river? lol

After dinner, Couz Alice wanted to learn driving, so i tagged along
When she's driving, i felt so excited and i do not know why swt
maybe its because her driving skills sucks? haha
So, there she is.
 Haha, remind me of Dearie Jasmine xD
the only difference is Couz Alice has got a driving licence already and Dearie is driving illegally =x But now she's got it already. Congrats to both of you! =D
dont know when's my turn :(
THEN, i requested to learn driving too! haha, my very very first time in my whole life.
Im actually quitee phobia towards driving as i've dreamt before I bang hardly on the wall on my first try. lol
Lucky this try turned out to be a good try ;) in fact, i think im nearrly to perfect already for a beginner. haha!

Mentor :: Couz Wayne
Car type :: Proton Wira, Manual
Mood :: Nervous
swt -.-

After that,went to the barber's for a haircut.
Cut = didint cut so no pictures for my new look.
But really no difference. felt abit wasting money -.- but nevermind lahh.
Later on, took my bath then here we are, together with my couziess, onlining ;)

that's all for now

p/s :: Ima dye my hair real soon. so, stay tune ;))


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