Cleanliness a Priority
Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | 9:29:00 AM | 0 comments
Hah! At last, 6days after SPM, i get to sleep till 12noon.
Never get to sleep till this late at grannie's cause you know lah, kampung 
Everyone there wake up like so darn early -.- so Im forced to wake up at around 8am everyday T_T

So, woke up at 12pm without knowing what to do next, so I've came up with the plan to do spring cleaning!
No time to clear up my books after SPM deng
Urhh, Im actually cleaning only my room, my stuffs =) The books in my room needs to be brought to the MPK already.
Started at 2pm and finished around 5pm. Wth? You know my room is so so small and yet I used so much time to tidy up. just imagine how messy is it -.-
Few pictures of it
My full-of-rubbish study table

My full-of-cleanlines study table =)

This much of books I read during SPM.
All these books needs to be sent outta my house!

Things got worsen when I actually had no idea where to put these to.
(no boxes in my house)

Hmm, after cleaning, facebook awhile then off to gym
I seriously need a workout. I ate alot during SPM T_T I dont know why, but I heard a lot of them lose weight during exams and Im gaining weight deng
When I feel bored doing revision, Ima start searching for foodsss as if I've never eaten for ages.
Im living in an apartment, so there's the gym-ing centre,swimming pool and etc etc.
Eventhough not really in a good condition, but its fully equip! Well, at least they have the machine I needed to burn down my fats!

So, after gymming, took my bath and wallah, my bro's back from his year-end trip to Singapore with his schoolmates. I thought he was going to bring along the hair dye from my aunt, but he didint! what a disappointment T_T nevermind, Im not really into dye-ing my hair yet, so wait lahh =)
MissCarmen dyed her hair today.
not bad not bad. not too light not too dark 

After dinner, facebook again. And due to boring-ness, I came up with the idea to WEBCAM!
I can go very crazy whenever I want to.I enjoyed doing so =)

the outcome of a takde difference haircut

Im back to fringe!

Do i look better with fringe? =x

Hee. That's all for now.
                                                                             Sign off
                                                                          Erica Bong


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