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Monday, December 6, 2010 | 12:16:00 AM | 0 comments
Oh my ass. Today's paper was @#$%#$ toughhh!!
I dont know what to comment, but its hell hard! =(
Paper 1 still okeyhh,
Paper 2 start zzz abit screwed up
The questions are weird, they make me go veryyyy blur
Paper 3, more tak payah say
I did wrongly for experiment zzz at first i chose the right one
After a lil 'arguement' and 'negotiation' with myself, at last chose the other experiment, which turned out to be the wrong one zzz

2010's prediction from Andrew Choo,
or anyone
ALL prediction turned out to be disaster ( i never rely much on prediction)
My tuition teacher spotted Chap 1 Form 5 to come out as report in paper3, and it really did.
I dont know should i thank her or what, as i didint really study much on that chapter (cause paper2 came out already) zZzz
I'm sorry, teacher =x

Physics Chap 2 Form 4 came out in paper2 essay and paper3 report
Chemistry Chap 1 Form 5 came out in paper2 essay and paper3 report
How come its repeating??
What more can we say or predict for Biology?
Cannot take it no more.
Government's getting smarter, and evil-er -.-

 March 2011 will be another disaster month for me. @#$%@

Countdown = 2days


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