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Thursday, December 2, 2010 | 5:53:00 AM | 0 comments
Argh! for two days never online,felt myself quite out-to-date as whatever happens in this 2 days at facebook i never get to see/read sigh
And, not to forget, i miss blogging as well! i do not know why.
But after every examinations i always feel like updating my blog. Guess that's the reason why i blog too?
Ok,let's see how much I can remember.

1) Additional Mathematics
Well, for me, that paper was kinda easy.
In fact, i would say the easiest paper of all the papers I've done in these two years.
Paper 1 was not a challenging one. Every question is like..not the turn-and-twist and think type of question.
It's very direct.
Paper 2.. Section A was kind of tough. Section B and C was okay.
Overall , its much easier than i thought but of course not confident enough to say that I would get high grades or what.
p/s :: this is not showing off. Im just telling and sharing what i feel bout it. So jangan terasa or what alright :)

2) Streamyx
Saw a few complaints bout how suck streamyx is, how slow is it.
But i dont feel any. I've got no comment on streamyx line or whatever
Until the worst thing ever happened, which is streamyx failed to connect
I was like 'What the hell ?' and i called 100 to ask for assistance or something
And the 'polite' operator replied 'All of our customer representatives are still busy, we will be with you in a short while'
that was the @#%$#& times I've heard from streamyx and I'm so bloody pissed off as i know no matter how long i wait the operator will still repeat that whole particular sentence until now,that whole sentence has been blackmailed by my brain already. lol
Then, brother came back and he called streamyx again. At last, the rep. says that what streamyx is upgrading or fixing or something.
Then blah, wait loh. At least i know what happened and hope that they would upgrade to a faster speed line. *winks*
p/s :: have to wait till 9th Dec which is a day after SPM . what a torture-ness -.-

3) Physics
Blah. One of the most hated subject after History.
Physics is all common sense. And my common sense is often not common
So, how can you ask me to like or love this paper?
Piece of shits.
Luckily, I'll never come across to Physics ever again in my whole life ! yay
By the way, speaking bout Physics paper
Paper 1 was still ok for me. Not that tough as there's only a few calculations.
Paper 2 and 3 , never wanted to talk bout that -.-
I tembak for most of the questions
All i can do now is hope that Guan Yin Ma could help me ( graph drop ) hehe
And, thank god its over !!

Today's the end of this week's paper. Next week would be Chemistry and Biology.
Then, IM FREE ! hurray !
Prepare for the last 2 subjects, take the exams, and off to holidays. hehe
Good luck to all candidates :)

Countdown = 6 days


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