Day 3
Sunday, December 12, 2010 | 8:41:00 AM | 0 comments
Again, planned to go jogging in the morning but AGAIN cancelled cause AGAINN its raining. pfft -.-

So woke up at 8.30am this morning, ate a bowl of Curry Mee then straight online till noon.
I watched Glee online and all of the sudden, they say I've reached the limit of watching movie online for 72mins,so i have to wait for 54mins more to continue. wth?? Lucky I didint waited long for the movie
Or not I'd be so so pissed off.

look at this cutie piee! came over to my grannie's house when i was onlining.
By the way, his mum is an Indonesian =)
Name :: Danish Lim
Relationship :: Grandfather's Brother's Son's Son. deng xD

Hmm, let's continue.
After finished watching halfway of my Glee
Then, I went over to mum's shop to help out
Played SDO with the workers there and my cousin.

 At around 6pm, mum asked if we want to go to town. AT LAST, after 2days rotting at home, i get to go to town -.- 20mins away from here.
 On our way to town, my 1st aunt called up to ask whether we want to have dinner together.I wanted to go Taiping Central so badly but at last, we still went for dinner -.-

He's soo like an Ang Moh to me =x
( his spec abit cacated -.- )

Dinner of the Day

After dinner, my 4th aunt volunteered to fetch me and my couz to Taiping Central. Went there hoping that there's something I could buy back, but at last bought nothing except for McD's
My fav ice-cream from McD's
Cheap and tasty =D

Tired of walking here and there, from Taiping Central to Tesco then to Taiping Central again, we decided to sit at McD while waiting for my aunt to fetch us back. Lucky I brought my netbook along, clever me -.-

public webcam =x

forced her to take pictures with me xD

s-o-l-o. like this pic :p

wallah! akibat terlalu boring,selalu buat perkara bodoh -.-

That's all for now!
Tomorrow I've got a date with my classmates to greenbox,JJ. And im still at Perak -.-
Hope I'll be able to reach Klang on time. My mum doesnt wanna go back tomorrow, but i forced her =(
Im bad but what to do, it's most probably gonna be the last gathering with my classmates already. Cannot miss it =(
The war at facebook group chat just now got a lil bit pissed me off. Lucky later on nothing worse happen

                                                                        Sign off
                                                                      Erica Bong

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