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Yeah, so this post is a continuous from the earlier post.

22 Dec-
We sat 9.30pm bus from Singapore straight going to Genting Highlands
My aunt gave RM500 each to spend during our stay at Genting Highlands.

And guess what? When we reach there, it's only 2.30am zzz
What can we do? Its only 2:30am!!
No check-ins
No hotels
No outdoor themepark,
No indoor themepark,
No arcade

So what else can we do?
Wander, wander and wander
First World Hotel lobby
after we left our luggage at the Bell Counter

where to go where to go~

sat at McD's from 3+am till 7+am zzz

 We ordered McD's breakfast meal and started chatting and playing with monopoly cards till we got bored,
we went for a walk again around Genting Highlands
From First World Hotel, to Genting Hotel, to Highlands Hotel deng

New Hotel :: Maxims Genting

Due to tiredness after a sleepless night in the bus earlier, Don and I went to the sofas provided at Highlands Hotel and took our nap there =x while Irene,Shaun and Pierre went to have another meal at a Dim Sum restaurant.
After we're awake, we went to the Dim Sum restaurant to meet up with them, then off we go to Genting Hotel cause the arcade there is already opened.
We played at there for awhile then yes! Its time to Check-in!

We waited for quite sometime cause mum took the number later, so we have to wait till 0013 only we can check-in
So, we went to the Bell Counter to bring out our belongings and off we go to our hotel at Tower 2! =D
When we reached, took our bath, had some rest and we decided not to go Outdoor Themepark today due to time constraints and scared that we might be too tired to play today.
So instead of playing outdoor, we went for snooker !
We actually planned to play pool but there are not enough balls,from what i heard

After that, we went to a dont know what Haunted House 4D after we purchased our Indoor Ticket @ RM30/per person.
We waited for almost 2hours, and guess what? 
Their actually showcasting the what Turtle cartoon thingy. damn
After waited for 2hours and this is what we got -.-

After that 4D useless movie, we went to Genting Skyway to meet up with Jassic,my another cousin who's gonna join us today till tomorrow.While waiting, we dine in @ 1901 where they sell hotdogs. Irene recommended that hotdogs to my cousins. So,we had our try there.
Jassic bought my Singapore cousins their favourite fast food, A&W. deng
I dont like that actually. But they are craving for it cause Singapore's A&W are all closed. sudah zap lap
So when Jassic brought along the A&W, then its time to go back to hotel and eat AGAIN! -.-
But of course, the A&W sucks to the max cause its already cold and lembik lembik . Darn not nice!
After we eat, we went out again to Indoor themepark to play this!

 Had some photo sessions

From left :: Shaun,Don,Irene,Jassic,Erica

So yeah, after we played, we went to the cinema to look at what's showing today.
There are only 3 movies per day showing @ Genting's cinema. So, today was Rapunzel,Tron 3D and -forgot-
We bought 6tickets for Tron 3D @ RM19 perperson only. I feel that it's cheap.
We then later on went to Genting again to play arcade.
At 8.30pm, its time to go back to cinema to watch our movie.
I slept 2 to 3 times while watching -.-
Reason :: No subtitle
            :: Too tired after a sleepless night
Deng. But i made it to watch when the movie was about to end.
After movie, we went to Starbucks to quench our thirst and have a chit chat time!
I didint call Choco Cream Chips this time but i ate Pierre's cream top xD ( he ordered Choco Cream Chips )
I drank Hot Choco which my sister ordered. Then we played some childish gamess and chatted till 1am!

Had alot of fun during that time cause rarely we can find this chance to sit around together and play happily.
We went back to our hotel and continue playing monopoly till 3+am then off to bed!

23 Dec -
So yeah, we woke up slightly later today. After we took our bath, then off we went to bowling centre. 
Lucky this time we get to play. Yesterday we went but its full =(
So, we played 2 rounds,2 bowling lane.
we own the lanes

me trying to strike ><

Shaun Pierre Don

Erica Jassic Irene

Me and Jassic

Irene Jassic

P-Pierre S-Shaun D-Don

E-Erica I-Irene J-Jassic
very noob hor me? -,-

Around 1pm, my mum called me up and said that she's checking in another room for her stay with my brothers and dad. She went back to Klang yesterday cause she has got something to do.
On that time,my brothers,mum,4th aunt and PeiQiang ( cousin ) reached Genting also!
LOL so after bowling, we went to the lobby to meet up.
Except for Irene Don Shaun and Pierre who went to BumCity to see if they have got something to buy for souvenirs.
After checking-in, we had our breakfast together.
Shaun,whom was craving for Klang's nasi lemak, finally gets to eat it! lols

view from outside the hotel room

After we had our meals, we went out together but in seperate ways
Irene Don Shaun and my brothers went straight to purchase Oudoor Tickets and went and play already
Whereas me and Jassic went to the Terminal Bus Station to buy ticket cause Jassic has to go back today.
After confirming with the operator from phonecalls, we then went to BumCity to look for goods instead of going straight to Outdoor Themepark to meet with the others.

Terminal Bus Sttion waiting for Jassic

@ BumCity
I somehow think that i look quite colorful here -.-

We came out with nothing on our hands , then we headed straight to Outdoor to meet with them.
they are queue-ing already

ss-ed while queue-ing x)

Im going up up up with Spaceshots!!

Haha, damn funn weyh! especially when your heart is pumping like hell when you know its about to fly down!

More pictures,more games

picture taken when we're playing 4seats Roller Coaster

throwing money game -.-"

Hah, at 4+pm,its time for Jassic to run back to our hotel room to pack her belongings cause she has to rush to Genting Skyway by 6pm. Only Me,my youngest brother and PeiQiang(cousin) made it to accompany her to Skyway @ Genting Hotel. She's late already!
Before she went back

Hmm,after accompanying her, we then went back to First World Hotel to meet with the others to have our dinner
We had our dinner @ Hainan Chicken Rice
Quite delicious thou the foods
Eventhough its expensive, but they serve in large quantities,definitely enough to serve a hungry pig!
9 of us ate around RM224+. The foods taste not bad so i consider this as cheap?

My fish&chips

After dinner, we went straight for another round of Outdoor!
Played Flying Coaster. HAHA, damnnn funn weyhh. should go tryy :) btw, needa pay RM10 and i dont know why ?

After that we played Sungai Rejang Flume Rides. Its a Waterpark game. My first time playing with waters at Outdoor Themepark. So this certainly left a good memories for me! haha. Wore jackets, so Im not at all wet

Don Erica
We even planned to play another round just after we finish playing! LOL but due to time constraints, we went on to play other games.
That fella played me!

I'd even played Merry go Round, Pirate Ship,Flying Dragon and many more. I forgot liaoss
We're the last 5 persons to play with the Pirate Ships lucky us
We ran here and there and at last we get to sit. Not wasted. Hee!

Our souvenirs from Genting! we actually purchased these lah -.-

This 6 things costs us around RM100+ deng

So after playing Pirate Ship, its already 10pm.
We headed back to our hotel rooms.
I went over to my mum's room cause my dad were here. He came at night. So we had some chit chat then we called up my sister,Irene to have a family gathering at a restaurant @ the lobby

My very lovely dad and I =D

 After that, me and my sister went back to our rooms to meet the guys. Irene asked Pierre if he wants to accompany her to buy beers and all for later on's activity.
After few hours,finally! they came back deng
They bought KFC,Vitagen,Beers.
 After dining with the fast foods, Irene came up with the idea of playing Circle of Death lame game -.-
I dont like that game cause its like a forcing-people-to-drink type of game. Darnn lame. Irene,Shaun,Don and Pierre drank the most cause they link with each other if you know what i mean
Whereas i drank the least thank god

Part of the beers

After the game. They both drank the most and both their faces gone red after game =x
The guys x)

Hee! So after the game, we all went back to our own respective rooms and have a good night!

24 Dec -
 Woke up at 10+ cause we're suppose to pack our bags and get ready to check out.
After packing, we all went down along with the luggages.
When me and my sister's luggage were all sent to my dad's car already, we went to meet with Don Shaun Pierre whom went to Funtasy World, arcade to play games.
Whereas me went to BumCity to look for some souenirs to be gifted to boyfy's bro and sis for their birthday present.
I already bought a couple handphone chain to be gifted to him

I then later on went to Pizza Hut to meet with them.

Pierre and Irene
 We ordered only 1 Regular and 1 Large pizza sets and the receipt came up with the total of RM96. deng

At 2+pm, they said its time to go to the Terminal Bus Station to wait for their bus which will depart to Singapore at 3.30pm
We reached there too early, so they planned to go for another round of Flying Coaster!
LOL damn mad with it. They,  Irene,Don,Shaun,PeiQiang and Pierre played except for me. Cause i thought its quite a waste of money to play again.
After playing, we went back again to Bus Station, waited for them to leave then we went to Starbucks! Second round of Starbucks @ Genting Highlands.

Peppermint Mocha and Choco Cream Chips


Me without anything on my face except for my specs o.o

Irene a.k.a my sister

After that, we headed straight back to Klang. PeiQiang followed us back.
Soon as we reach Klang, I called my dad to put me down @ JJ,Bukit Tinggi as Ima meet with the boyfy after that.
Went to his house @ 7.30pm,gifted his brother his belated birthday present, which is a t-shirt i bought from Genting.
He certainly like it! Happy with it cause the boyfy claims that he wouldn't like it cause its PINK!
By 11pm I was already home as he was going to countdown with his friends @ Subang Parade.

That's all!
At last, i finished this post,thank god!

Sign off
Erica Bong

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