23 Nov - 08 Dec 2010
Wednesday, December 8, 2010 | 12:19:00 AM | 0 comments
SPM's over!!!!! Its the end of my secondary school life!
First comes to mind
1) no more ironing school uniform
2) no more washing school shoes
3) no more school books
4) no more SEJARAH
5) no more Physics
6) no more boring classes
7) no more parlia teachers
8) no more suck canteen foods
9) no more assembly
and most important thing
10) no more waking up early for school!

Haha, I know i'm bad ;)
But that's how i feel now
No more nothing except for HOLIDAYS
Tonight's gonna be my first outing after SPM, which is to Cheras Pasar Malam with Miss Noobie
Gonna start shopping at night market,hunt for foods to satisfy myself
heh heh heh
To my friends who's taking Prinsip Perakaunan and Bahasa Cina, no worries
your day will reach real soon, tomorrow only what ;)
Gambateh alrights =)

Speaking bout today's paper , Biology
Im satisfied with it. Cause I've revised and read few weeks earlier and did some notes
So Im actually quite well-prepared for it
p/s :: my first time in this year to complete whole paper2 -.-
So yeah, satisfied =D

No more countdown-ing
No more worries
No more sleepless night
Let's have fun, my friends


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