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Thursday, December 2, 2010 | 7:50:00 AM | 0 comments
2 : 1, stands for a ratio of 2 posts in a day.
So freaking boring and since streamyx is in a good condition (although  the sign of disconnection is still there), I decided to blog,again.

This post will be on today's incidents.
8.00am as usual, exams again. Always reach school by 6.30am
I like going early rather than on time or late so that I can do more exercises or something at school.
Time is precious. ehem
So,exam exam exam
9.15am paper 1 of physics ended, 10am will be the next paper which is physics paper 2
Revise a bit at canteen then off to examination hall.
Till 12.30pm, its time for lunch!
Me, Miss Carmen ,Miss Noobie decided to eat at a home-foodstall eventhough we have to walk a distance.
Then, Miss Chewer interrupted and says she wants to eat bah kut teh, just infront of our school.
We actually ate that a day before so its like.. errr
Moreover, after added up all the moneys we had, we have only RM27(4person eat kah kut teh,enough?). Its all because of Miss Chewer herself for not bringing money :p
At last, we still went for bah kut teh cause Miss Chewer was too stubborn to change her mind. haha
So we're like, while eating while worrying. We've even decided to make our faces thick enough to go to the next table ( classmate ) to borrow some money,just in case. lols
Lucky when the bill came, its only RM24.60. phew -.-

Then, its time to go back to school to prepare for paper 3 physcis. Sat down for awhile at the canteen's bench. Mr Seng offered dark chocolate, so I happily took 3 pieces of them. :p
Its 10minutes past 2pm,so we hurried to the toilet, then to examination hall.
exam exam exam again, 3.15pm came out after I've done my paper and off to school gate.

Went home, slept awhile then woke up to set off to AEON Jaya Jusco's Member Day.
Its a greatttt shopping day after a week of exams.
Bought 7items ( including a pair of shoe 5tops and 1bottom )  from jusco with a sum of RM141
Then,went to shoplots in JJ and bought another top and a bag.
And guess what?
I've never experience a blackout in a shopping complex before !
We're at Watson choosing hair dye. Then, the security chase us out
Only Jusco hypermarket has got electricity. I wonder what might happen if JJ too went black. =]
Spent a total of RM182 today. quite alot for me but satisfied. =)

7+pm the boyfy came to fetch me,went to his house and blogged. ( Title :: Blog Addict)
Around 10pm reached home, tried to connect to streamyx and Hola, Im here ;)
Going to sign off to bed, tomorrow got to wake up early in the morning for Chemistry's class at 10am. sigh
Goodnight,readers ;) yawn

Counting Down = 6 days

p/s :: I wrote everything in detail, for future. Its memories =)

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