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19 Dec - 21 Dec - Singapore trip

Hmm, what should i start with
Well, this trip is actually a last minute decision

19 Dec - 
Early on Sunday morning, sister woke me up asking me whether wanna go Singapore together with my mum or not
Then, after few arguements with her, at last 3 of us went
Mum, me and sister.
I skipped my breakfast and lunch cause Im rushing to pack my luggage 
We went to bus station @ Meru around 11am and bought the11.30am bus ticket to Johor. lucky still available.last minute ticket -.-

on the way

So, we're suppose to reach Larkin,Johor @ 6pm. Look for bus no.170 which will bring us to Malaysia's Kastam and Singapore's Kastam damn ma huan -.-

jamming jamming

the crowds @ Malaysia's Kastam

 We reach Johor around 6pm and reach Singapore around 8pm. Jamming like hell at both kastam or not we can reach earlier =(
When we reach there, Uncle Keong (mum's friend) volunteered to bring us for dinner at AngMoKio StarHub.
I ordered a plate of Chicken Chop and ate that as my dinner+supper.  Costs around $5.90 (RM14+)
After dinner, headed back to my 3rd Aunt's house @ AngMoKio. She just renovated her house last few months!
Its high class man for me. She's only staying in an apartment. but after renovation, the house became soo different
greetings from 3rd Aunt and cousins when we reach
my sister replying their 'status' xO

living room

my aunt's wardrobe T_T i want to have this for my future house!

After that, online awhile with Shaun then off to bed!

20 Dec - 
The pictures after this day has been deleted due to my stupid handphone memory full, and then i thought I've already transfer all my pictures into my Netbook. so i accidently deleted EVERYTHING!! damnnnnnnnnnnnnn! so sad :'(
p/s :: I FOUND IT AT LAST! so, here it is, edit-ed post. ngekk
pheww. woke up as early as 8.30am cause they are all awake -.-
Took my bath, had my home-made Bah Kut Teh breakfast
Singapore's Bah Kut Teh looks like this
Then, Uncle Johnny came to pick us up
Uncle Johnny
I secretly took a picture of him =x
ss-ed in his car

FYI, Uncle Johnny is the actor in Im not stupid 2 ( xiao hai bu ben 2). He's playing the role of the Chinese teacher in that particular secondary school.
Uncle Johnny is the one from top left.
Nice meeting him. He's a kind and generous guy. damn cute sial =))
Not at all show off or whatever
But the way he talk, the China slang damn heavy -.-

so yeah, he drop us at my aunt's shop and off he go. By the way, he's changing a new car! after he left us, he's rushing to bring back his new baby car xD
We remain at my aunt's shop for quite sometime cause she has got her business needs to be taken care of.
She then gave me and my sister $100 each to be spent later on.

Singapore's so-called BIG PAO -.-

After that, Uncle Keong came to have a chit-chat with us.
Coincidently, when my mum was reading newspaper she read out the 4D numbers. Uncle Keong kena Toto liao -.- This is dont know @#$%#$% times he strike Toto this year -.-
So after that great news, he brought us to a Food Court and gave me and my sis $10 each to buy foods.
I again ordered Western Food @ $6.30 (RM15+)

He then brought us to Bugis street, cause i wanted to go there so badly.
I went there last year, which is my first time and i liked that place A LOT!
Its full of my stuffs. What a teenager needs. You can find all @ Bugis. From recent tops,bottoms,shoes,dresses to accesories,wigs,manicure&pedicure.
Hot spot! my favourite place in Singapore
Highly recommended to all teenagers x)
This street sells all those latest trend's stuffs
Eventhough inside is abit crowded and stuffy
I'll still like this place no matter what

So after few hours of walk, ended up buying nothing as the place is too crowded you have no chance to stop by and have a look at the price and at the same time,buying it.
I can only window-shop there. I saw some which i quitee like it but haihz
After that, Uncle Keong drop my aunt at her shop first cause she has got stuffs to do and then brought us back
When we reach home, Hui Ru ( Shaun's girlfriend ) is there! She's darn pretty. Tall + thin envy
We then planned for later's activity and i saw the hair dye on the table! heh heh
Shaun called up his buddy,Pierre to fetch us to Orchard Road to look at the Christmas Deco.
He drop us there then we 4, Shaun(cousin) HuiRu Irene(sis) Me, walked around and step in to ION, new shopping mall in Singapore and spent our night there.

Christmas Deco @ Orchard Road.
Not really impressive.
Last year's deco is alot better than this.

I bought a pair of shoes @ Rubi ( it's also from Cotton On ) @ $20 (RM48). It's cheap for me.
After that we went to Starbucks to have a drink and chit chat bout lotsa stuffs.
I ordered Choco Cream Chip while Shaun ordered Signature Choco and few pieces of cakes.

Choco Cream Chip @ $6.30 (RM15+)

Shaun's Iphone4. Its also my first time ever to use iphone to on Facebook =x

At around 9.30, Shaun called up Uncle Ben (aunt's friend) to ask if we are having our supper together.
So off we went to the taxi stand and took a cab to Jalan Besar ( i guess so?)
When we reach the place, wallah, my mum,aunt,and another couz,Don reached already. Don just came back from his Army so yeah, now he has got time to be  with us =D

Dumpling ( xiao long bao )
Not really nice =x

We ordered dimsums and had some discussion bout their trip to Genting. My aunt at first who's joining them to come to Malaysia, at last cannot make it cause she cannot leave her business @ Singapore. So left with my couz, Don and Shaun to plan their trip. By the way, the buddy i said earlier, Pierre, came together with them to Malaysia.
After the dim sums, we fetched Hui Ru back and off we went back to house.

I dye-d my hair after that. I used Bigen Golden Copper but it turned out to be STILL BLACK deng
What i meant was, there's no difference from my previous hair color. damnn ( pictures gone )
Shaun's friend came over to his house when i was dye-ing my hair -.-
So after dye-ing,played monopoly card game with Don and sister awhile then off to bed!

21 Dec -
Well, if you say the previous day is about outing, shopping day. Then this day will be a EATING day -.-

Ok,so we woke up @ around 9+am prepared ourselves and off to bus stop to take bus no.160 to Main Bus Station. From there, we took another bus which we after that sat for 1+hours before we reach our destination.
We reached at a shopping mall,People's Park Centre and search for any travel agencies to buy tickets for that night's bus to Genting.
We finally saw a travel agency selling tickets to Genting for that night,asked for the infos then aunt paid the tickets for 6person ( don,shaun,irene,me,pierre,mum) @ $688 (RM1.6k+)
We then later on meet up with Uncle Ben and off we went to a Japanese restaurant,Tampopo.
We ordered one full table of Japanese cuisine.
I can only dine Jap foods in Singapore cause i couldnt afford to eat in Malaysia T_T Uncle Ben paid for the bill.

Tampopo Restaurant Menu


Full table of Japanese Cuisine

My fooood!

Its actually somekind of a normal spongy cakes only -.-

$242.45 (RM580+)

After that, we went back to pack our bags. Shaun called Pierre to come over to his house and at around 5pm, off we go again to EAT ! deng -.-
We dine @ 2nd Kitchen, famous for its Lala MeeHun in Singapore
Called some other foods then here we go

2nd Kitchen Menu

2nd round of meal~

$173.08 (RM410+)

After that, AGAIN we went to coffee shop. damn speechless -.-
This time i ordered Horlicks only.

We then went to buy some breads to be brought along to Genting. Tastes good man the cheese bread =)
Around 8pm, Uncle Ben fetched us all to People's Park Centre again to wait for our bus.
Since we've still got time, we all went for a walk in that shopping mall.
I would say, that was the lousiest shopping mall. It looks old and dirty. Urhh, its something like Malaysia's Sungei Wang or Berjaya Times Square? =x
And that was the first time I've seen Singapore's washroom without any automated taps or flushes. Before this, i went to any of the washrooms in Singapore, its all very high class one. They have the auto taps and auto fushes and the surrounding of the washroom is very beautiful.
Pheww. So at 9.30pm, our double-decker bus arrived then off we go to GENTING HIGHLANDS!

stay tune for next post =)

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                                                               Erica Bong 

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